Steps mentioned in this post is overview of Oracle database upgrade from 8i, 9i or 10g to 11g Rel 1 i.e. 11.1.X.X.X (Step by step Oracle 10g upgrade to 11g including pointer to documentation coming soon…)

Things good to know for 11g Database Upgrade

1. Oracle 11g Database software must be installed in new ORACLE_HOME

If you are installing 64-bit Oracle 11g database software but were previously using 32-bit Oracle Database installation, then database is automatically converted to 64-bit during upgrade or patch release process.

3. Rolling upgrade is process of upgrading database with minimal or no downtime using
i) Oracle Dataguard and Logical Standby Database
ii) Oracle Streams
iii) ASM rolling upgrades (available from 11.1 and higher)

4.For some database version direct upgrade to 11g is NOT supported

7.3.3 (or lower) -> 7.3.4 -> -> 11.1
8.0.5 (or lower) -> 8.0.6 -> -> 11.1
8.1.7 (or lower) -> -> -> 11.1 (or lower) -> -> -> 11.1 (or lower) -> -> 11.1

Direct upgrade to 11g is supported from following version and higher -> 11.1 and higher -> 11.1 and higher -> 11.1

6. If you are using Oracle Streams for replication process and capture process runs on a database other than the Source database (Downstream capture), then first upgrade database where capture process is running.


Tools and methods to upgrade database

1. DBUA (DataBase Upgrade Assistant) Utility – GUI
2. Manual Upgradeusing SQL scripts and Utilities – Command line tool (catupgrd.sql..)
3. Export/Import Utility– (Datapump or Export/Import) – Not supported for 11i or R12 database upgrade


Top level steps for Oracle Database 11g upgarde

1. Prepare Upgrade to 11g Database
1.1 Backup existing database software and database
1.2Analyze the database using Pre-Upgrade Information Tool
1.3 Install Oracle 11g software in new ORACLE_HOME
1.4Run Pre-upgrade information tool (11G_OH/rdbms/admin/utlu111.sql) check output and modify

2. Upgrade Database
2.2 Upgrade database to 11g

3. Post Upgrade steps
Backup upgraded database to 11g

More on upgrade to Oracle Database 11g, documentation and new features in 11g coming soon …