Oracle on 20th Oct. released new version (10g R3 / of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager  (Why OAAM version is called as OAAM 10g R3 ?)

A. Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) is product for web access real-time fraud detection and multifactor online authentication.

Main Functionality of OAAM is to protect against
key logging
Proxy Attacks
– Insider Threat

B. OAAM includes two core components, Adaptive Strong Authenticator and Adaptive Risk Manager.

C. Adaptive Risk Manager works in two modes, Online (Configure and monitor system in real time) and Offline (Analyze and evaluates existing transaction)


Here is list of some of new features introduced in Oracle Adaptive Access Manager 10g R3 (

1. Auto Learning – This is new feature in Adaptive Risk Manager component of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (other component is Adaptive Strong Authenticator).
                          Administrators first define parameters to collect behaviour pattern of user like at what time, from which place, what data, what kind of operation.. user usually does on system. Adaptive Risk Manager then automatically record user behaviour over time so that gathered data can be used to evaluate risk.

2. Device Registration – Using this feature, users can flag device they are using (computer, mobile, PDA..) as safe device and then configure additional rule to challenges (secret question) user if they are not coming from one of registered device. This feature is turned off by default which administrator can enable from admin screens.

3. Rule Template Editor – Allows users to create and edit rule templates without having to go to the XML. User with no XML knowledge can write rules

4. Enumeration Editor Enumeration and their elements and properties can be edited . New enumerations can also be added to customize adaptive access manager.

5. New Languages for Globalization – New languages added for globalization support
Installation of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager on Linux using Weblogic Server (Application Server) and Oracle Database (Repository) coming soon …