This post covers overview of Oracle Data Quality Products (in ODI) and connect to Data Quality Repository using Metabase Manager (windows tool)

ODIOracle Data Integrator
ODPOracle Data Profiling
ODQOracle Data Quality

Oracle Data Integrator Suite (more info here and here) consists of Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Data Quality Products.

Oracle Data Profiling” and “Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator” comes under Oracle Data Quality component of ODI Suite.

Things good to know about Oracle Data Quality (Metabase Manager)

1. When you install Oracle Data Quality (from ODI suite) product you configure ODQ Repository and scheduler to listen on specific port (7600 for repository and 7601 for scheduler are default ports).


2. Repository and Scheduler configuration screen (shown above) is available only if you select option 1, 3 or 4 during ODI installation .


3. Oracle Data Quality Repository(listening on port 7600) is a collection of one of more metabase.
Note * Repository for Data Quality product (listening on port 7600) is different from Master and Work Repository in ODI.

4. Metabase Manager (available only on windows) is tool to manage metabases, create loader configuration and manage Data Quality users .

5. Metabase Repository and Quality/Profiling enginecan run on Windows, Unix flavors (eg. AIX, HP-UX, Solaris), and Linux where as Metabase Manager(tool to manage metabase) is only supported on Windows.

6. Metabase Server executables are under $OH/ oracledq/ metabase_server/ metabase/ bin/ mtb_server , server

7. Metabase Server Log files are under $OH/ oracledq/ metabase_data/ logs/ mtb_server.log

8. Metabase Server runs as service using INETD / XINETD on Unix and if you have installed ODI (with Data Quality component) on Solaris 10 then follow these steps (convert inet.conf to smf repository using inetconv)

inetconv -i /etc/inet/inetd.conf  (from root)
svcadm restart inetd (from root)

9. part of ODI install) configures repository server (metabase) as service using INTED/XINETD on unix

To install Metabase Manager on Windows and ODI/ODQ server on Unix/Linux –

A. Install ODI Server (including ODQ) on Unix/Linux (make note of repository & scheduler port).
B. Start ODI installer on windows and select Installation Type Client
Provide server hostname and repository/scheduler port
D. Start Metabase Manager from start menu




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