Can I install Content Server and Web Server (Apache/OHS) on different machines ?

Is it possible to deploy Content Server (UCM earlier Stellent) and Web Server (Apache, OHS or IBM HTTP Server)  on different machines ?

Answer is Yes and No. No, If you are planning to use Site Studio with Content Server. If you are NOT using Site Studio with Content Server then Yes, it is possible to deploy Content Server on different machine than Web Server (Apache, Oracle or IBM HTTP Server).

This type of deployment “Installing Web Server and Content Server on different Machines” is called as Disassociated Installations and documented in Section F Disassociated Installation (Page 133) of Content Server Installation guide here


Web Server and Content Server Communication
Content Server provides plug-in ( which creates dedicated socket connection WebServer and Content Server .

What files (content server related) are required on WebServer ?
You need to copy [content_server]/data , idcplg and weblayout directory on Web Server machine. You would also need two library files (, from Content Server copied to Web Server.


Key things you should know for Disassociated Installations (Web Server and Content Server on different Machines)

1. Site Studio (more on Site Studio later) is not supported in this type of deployment
2. HTTP Caching for static requests is not supported in disassociated installations.
3. PDF byte streaming is not supported in disassociated installations.
4. Changes to content server are not automatically propagated to the Web Server.

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5 PLR IM Ecourses | Twitter Right says May 17, 2010

[…] » Can I install Content Server and Web Server (Apache/OHS) on … […]

alexmaga says May 27, 2010

We installed UCM with SUN WebServer and is working with out any problem, but we want to replace SUN webserver and install Apache instead is this possible, is complicated? what do we need to do?

please help

Atul Kumar says May 27, 2010

@ alexmaga,
Yes, this is possible and No, it is not complicated. Few things to check is

Install apache with same user as content server user.

Configure apache configuration file manually to point it to Content Server.

Use steps mentioned in install guide Section A.2 Settign Up Apache page 76

Abhishek says October 21, 2010

Hi Atul,

We want to intregate the oracle content services with oracle e-business suite 12.1.1 .we need the steps for ding the same.Please help us..


Atul Kumar says October 21, 2010

@ Abhishek

Check Oracle My Suppport (earlier Metalink) Note 1061947.1 Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite (11i, R12, and R12.1) with Content Management Repositories

Abhishek says October 22, 2010

Hi Atul
I have checked that document,but the same is not applicable for 12.1.1,We have tried the same
we are doing Initial Content Management Repositories setup as per Note 1061947.1

We have setup URL as ” ” for WebServices mode .

When testing the connection he is getting below error..

oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Application: DOM, Message Name: DOM_EX_WS_CONN_F.

Retry gives below error..

oracle.apps.dom.dmrepository.DomConnectionFailedException: Connection Failed: Invalid Credential Or Service Unavailable

Addtional details :

Tried with ‘Lower case’ logining, still same error.

3) Also See that Profile option “Self-Service Oracle Files Enabled” is Set as Yes at Site level.

Please help us and give some alternative way to fixed this issue.


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