Oracle on 21st July, released Identity Management 11gR1 for OAM, OIM, OAAM & OIN (new component introduced in 11gR1) . This post covers very high level steps to install and configure OIM & OAM 11g (detailed step by step instructions coming soon…)  

  • For those who are new to Oracle Identity Management, check this post here for list of  products which comes under Oracle’s Identity Management stack.

A. OAM : Oracle Access Management (product for access management and web Single Sign-On).

B. OIM : Oracle Identity Manager (product for Identity provisioning, reconciliation and management)


High Level Steps for OIM & OAM 11g installation
1)Install Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.3 (aka Oracle WebLogic 11g R1 PS2)

2) Install Oracle Database ( or 11.2.X+)

3)Run RCU (Repository Creation Utility) and load schemas
a) For OIM: Select Identity Management – Oracle Identity Manager, SOA Infrastructure schema, the User Messaging Service schema, and the Metadata Services .
b) For OAM : Identity Management – Oracle Access Manager, AS Common Schema – Audit Services.

  • For more information on RCU click here
  • More information on loading schema for OAM/OIM here

4) For Identity Manager only, install SOA (11gR1 PS1) and upgrade it to R1 PS2)
Note* For SOA is patchset only where as is base software.
Note* If you want just OAM (Oracle Access Manager) : SOA 11g is not required.

5) Install Oracle Identity Management 11g R1 (This step will create ORACLE_HOME for Identity Management- OIM & OAM)

  • For more information on MW_HOME, ORACLE_HOME DOMAIN_HOME click here

6. Run $ORACLE_HOME/common/bin/ (where ORACLE_HOME is directory under MW_HOME for OIM & OAM binaries) to configure your Oracle Identity Management products (OIM & OAM) .

This step will create weblogic domain and deploy applications related to OIM , OAM & OIN.

  • For more information on WebLogic Domain, Admin & Managed Server click here

7. Install WebGates for OAM on HTTP servers which you wish to protect using OAM.
For detailed steps check Oracle Installation Guide for OIM, OAM, OAAM, OIN 11g here