invokeMethod() failed while calling: onReturnFromProgress

I would like to share one thing which we have resolved recently. Problem was not able to download the pdf file from documentum server.

Environment details:

The architecture has OAM, OID, Documentum server. OID is used as user store for OAM. Documentum application is deployed in WebLOgic server. OHS server is front ending the WebLOgic server and where we installed the webgate. We are protecting the Documentum URL through OHS host name in OAM Policy domain and everything is working fine so far. While downloading a pdf document in Documentum server application, it is processing as 33% and hangs over for 5 mins and finally displays an error given below.

invokeMethod() failed while calling: onReturnFromProgress

Operation failed : com.documentum.ucf.common.transport.TransportException: Client failed to handshake with server within 250 seconds.

After closing this window, press the Refresh or Reload button on your browser to continue

If we accessed the file from documentum server directly we can able to download successfully but if access through webserver we can’t. So we thought this issue is related with webgate. We have changed the webgate params CachePragmaHeader and CacheControlHeader with different combination but no luck. The combinations are followed,

CachePragmaHeader private

CacheControlHeader private

CachePragmaHeader novalue

CacheControlHeader novalue

CachePragmaHeader public

CacheControlHeader public

CachePragmaHeader novalue

CacheControlHeader private

CachePragmaHeader novalue

CacheControlHeader public

Later we have tried to access the pdf file through webserver without webgate. At the time the problem had remains same. So we came to know this issue is not related with webgate or OAM.The problem lies between webserver & documentum server.

After a long investigation we have found the solution. There is a parameter called UCF alternative chunking which was missing in that configuration file and we set that parameter according to the WDK guide. This changed file is present inside docuemntum application the file name is : Ucf.server.config.xml.

 Changes show in below screenshot

Now it’s working fine after added the mentioned parameters.

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Nishar says April 7, 2011

Hi Sarath,
We are planning to integrate OAM with EMC Documentum. We have a front end OHS webserver on which web gate is deployed. We have protected the Documentum URLs through Access Manager. Can you please let me know what are the response variables which need to be set for Documentum so that the Documentum login page does not show up.

Is there any documentation available online for this?

Your input will be very helpful for us.

Thanks and Regards,

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