This is purely a BPEL worklist and OSSO integration issue. To know more about the integration aspects, check this.

While registering the SOA application with OSSO, we specified the fully qualified hostname  as as shown below.

./ -oracle_home_path $ORACLE_HOME -site_name -config_mod_osso TRUE -mod_osso_url -remote_midtier -config_file $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf/osso/worklist/osso.conf -sso_partner_version v1.4

The osso.conf gets generated and BPEL will be registered in OSSO with hostname

When we accessed the worklist using this URL , it displayed OSSO login page and after entering credentials, it is showing the error message as given below:

“Oracle SSO Failure – Unable to process request
Either the requested URL was not specified in terms of a fully-qualified host name or OHS single sign-on is incorrectly configured.”

When we checked the SOA worklist for the hostname details, they are not using the fully qualified hostname instead it is just hostname:7777 as shown below.

Please remember that this is the screenshot when the integration is disabled.

I registered the BPEL worklist again using with just hostname:7777. This time it is a success when logged into BPEL worklist.

NOTE: You will see the same error if you register with fully qualified hostname and access it using just the hostname alone. So just be cautious with the hostname that the BPEL worklist is configured and accessed with.