Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application (OFSAA) is business intelligence application that enables financial institutes to measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives.

This post covers overview of OFSAA (v 7.2) installation

1. OFSAA Infrastructure consists of Database tier , Application tier, and Web Tier  (all three tiers can be on same machine or on different machines)

2. Minimal recommended configuration for OFSAA is 2 CPU, 4GB RAM and 1.5 GB Hard Disk (for dev/test environment)

3. OFSAA is certified on Sun/Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX, RedHat/Oracle Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows Server.

4. Certified Application Servers are IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, Oracle/BEA WebLogic Server

5. Certified Database for OFSAA is Oracle Database

6. Hyperion Essbase is optional component. Hyperion Essbase is required only if you wish to use OLAP features of OFSAA.

7. If OFSAA is deployed on Windows Server and you wish to integrate OFSAA with LDAP server (for user authentication) then OPEN LDAP 2.2.29+ is required

8. OFSAA can be installed in

a) Single Tier Installation mode – All tiers i.e. database, application and web are installed on same machine.

b) Multi Tier Installation mode – one or all of Database, Application and Web Tier are deployed/configured on different machines. (install oracle database client on application tier)

9. Multiple Instances of Application or Web Tier can be installed for scalability and resilience . First application instance is called as Default Application Instance. Additional application instances can be added later.

10. Database used for OFSAA application should be created with default NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET as AL16UTF16 and OPEN_CURSORS value should be at least 100 .

Step by step installation of OFSAA coming soon ..