Oracle announced release of Oracle Unified Directory in July 2011. Oracle Unified Directory provides LDAP Server, Directory Synchronisation and LDAP Proxy Server.  This post covers installation and configuration of Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) Server 11g R1 (

  • Download Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) 11gR1 from here

  • Documentation for OUD 11g R1 is available here


Key Points for OUD installation/Configuration

  • OUD 11g R1 installation requires JDK 1.6 and OUD Software
  • WebLogic is NOT required for OUD (WebLogic is required for ODSM which is optional component to manage OUD Directory Server Instance)
  • To install OUD use runInstaller -jreLoc $JAVA_HOME (Unix) or setup.exe -jreLoc $JAVA_HOME (Windows)
  • To install OUD in silent mode use option -silent -responseFile <full_path_of_responseFile>
  • OUD can be configured in one of three modes a) Directory Server b) Proxy Server c) Replication Gateway
  • After OUD installation, you must configure OUD in one of three modes (mentioned above)
  • To configure OUD in Directory Server mode use oud-setup (.bat) from OUD ORACLE_HOME
  • To configure OUD in Replication Gateway mode use oud-replication-gateway-setup (.bat) from OUD ORACLE_HOME
  • To configure OUD in Proxy mode use oud-proxy-setup (.bat) from OUD ORACLE_HOME
  • Configuration of OUD will create Instance (default name asinst_1) under OUD
  • If you wish to use different instance name like oud_instance then set environment variable INSTANCE_NAME like export INSTANCE_NAME=oud_instance (Unix)


OUD installation/Configuration Steps

  • Upload OUD Software on Server and unzip it (This will create Disk1 on Server)
  • Install JDK 1.6 on server and set JAVA_HOME point to directory in which JDK 1.6 is installed
  • Start OUD installation as $OUD_SOFTWARE/Disk1/runInstaller -jreLoc $JAVA_HOME (for Windows use setup.exe)
  •  On Installation Location screen, specify OUD BASE and OUD ORACLE_HOME directory (OUD Instance will create under OUD Base directory)

  • after installation, configure OUD (in one of three modes mentioned above) using $ORACLE_HOME/oud-****setup (JAVA_HOME must be set to configure OUD)