JPS-03026: PDPService and PolicyStore Service Instance not found

One of my client had issues starting IAM’s (Identity and Access Management) WebLogic Server.

Error message reported during start-up in Weblogic Server log

___ The loading of OPSS java security policy provider failed due to exception, see the exception stack trace or the server log file for root cause. If still see no obvious cause, enable the debug flag to get more information. Error message: JPS-03026: PDPService and PolicyStore Service instance not found in default context. Reason: null

at ServiceManagerDelegateImpl. loadOPSSPolicy(CommonSecurity ServiceManager


Looking at error message  JPS-03026: PDPService and PolicyStore Service instance not found in default context , it is clear that issue is related to Oracle Entitlement Server (OES). On further investigation, it was found that OES pre-requisite steps were missed


Fix: Add Grants by running  $ORACLE_HOME/common/bin/ $ORACLE_HOME/oes/

Where ORACLE_HOME is Directory in which Identity and Access Management (IAM) software is installed.

Note: This issue comes only when you select Authorization Poilicy Manager (APM) template during Weblogic Domain creation. APM is Administration Console for Oracle Entitlement Server (OES)

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Ganesh says March 3, 2012

Hi Atul,
I had faced this issue two days back only.:-) I wonder why doesnt come preconfigured with the installation process. Unless we do it,server doesn’t come up. It modifies the middleware home grants. If you run it once,you dont need to do it for other domains in the same middleware.

Srikanth says April 20, 2012

I did as recomended, but i am still seeing the error.

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