I recently installed Oracle Fusion Application 11.1.3 successfully and in this post I’ll cover my experience on Fusion Applications 11.1.3 installation (more on 45+ issues encountered during FA installation later). We also provide Fusion Application (FA) Installation & Implementation Service, Contact Us if you are looking for Fusion Application Installation, Implementation or Training.

1. Oracle Fusion Application was first released as version in May 2011, followed by, then FA 11.1.2, and latest version (as of April 2012) as 11.1.3

2. Oracle Identity & Access Management – IAM (mainly OID/OIM/OAM) is pre-requisite to install Oracle Fusion Applications.

a) Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is used as Identity Store and Policy Store in Fusion Application (MS-AD is also supported as Identity Store or configure OVD for any other LDAP Server as Identity Store)
b) Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) is used as Identity & Role management in Fusion Application.
c) Oracle Access Manager (OAM) is used as Access Management to login to Fusion Application.

Note: I used single OID for both Policy Store and Identity Store. 

3. Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) is optional component, If you are not using OVD then run FA Installer (provisioningWizard.sh) with option -ignoreSysPrereqs

4. Oracle Documentation recommends to install Policy Store and Identity Store in two different OID (with their own dedicated database) however it is fully supported to keep Identity & Policy Store in same OID under single database.

5. Server Spec : I used server with 8 CPU Intel Xeon (2.13 GHz), 132 GB memory  and Linux 5 update 5 as Operating System.  I used YUM to install required Linux packages for Fusion Applications.

6. You should apply patches listed for OIM/OAM/OID in FMW Release Notes . Apart from patches listed in release notes, I also applied OIM / OAM BP02 (

7. Disk Space Used :

  • IAM Database : 13 GB
  • IAM Middle Tier (OID, OAM, OIM, SOA, OHS) : 11 GB
  • Fusion Apps – Transactional Database : 40 GB
  • Fusion Apps – Application Tier : 81 GB
  • Fusion Apps software (11.1.3) unzipped without zip files : 70 GB
8. Time in each installation step
  • IAM Installation : Database, OID, OIM, OAM, SOA, OHS, WebGate – Installation, Configuration & Integration – approx. 10 Hours
  • Provisioning Framework Installation : 15 Minutes
  • Transactional Database for FA : 40 Minutes
  • Load Fusion Applications Schema in Transactional Database : 90 Minutes
  • Creating Response File for Fusion Application : 45 Minutes
  •  Installing Fusion Application: approx. 8 Hours (Prerequisite checks – 40 Minutes, Installation – 90 Minutes, Preconfigure – 30 Minutes, Configure – 90 Minutes, Configure Secondary even for single node installation – 20 Minutes, Post Configure 190 Minutes)
Note: Time mentioned above is based on four iteration of FA installation (after previous 3 failed attempts). 
9. If you are not from IAM background then you will find two FA Provisioning screens really difficult to understand, Identity Configuration and Access and OPSS Configuration


Most of my issues were during prerequisite phase of Installation, after that installation was smooth. More on all the issues (with fixes) encountered during Fusion Applications installation in my coming posts.


If you are installing or have already installed Fusion Applications (FA) then I would like to hear your experience and issues faced during FA installation.