Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) is a feature available in Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) that provides rich set of challenge questions, logic behind presenting those questions to user, and validating answers. To know more about KBA in OAAM click here  and  here

1. KBA can be used as
a) First Authentication for forgot password use case
b) Second Factor Authentication (after username/password)
2. Using OAAM Admin Console (/oaam_admin), You can define set of challenge questions OAAM should present to user during registration (via Questions Link under KBA)

3. Registration Logic is used to define set of rules used by OAAM to present during challenge question registration like Number of Questions user will register and Questions/Category per Menu.

4. To define Registration Logic , click on Registration Logic under KBA in OAAM Admin Console (/oaam_admin)




If you notice that option to configure Registration Logic is missing as shown in below screenshot then this is BUG 12748285 KBA Logic Not Displayed in Registration Logic Page . This BUG is fixed  in OAAM BP01 i.e. 12605183