I discussed about overview of Oracle Service Bus (OSB) 11g installation in my previous post here,  in this post I am going to cover high level installation steps for OSB 11g (

  •  OSB Installation Guide is available here so I am going to cover quick high level steps here.


High Level Installation Steps 

1. Install Oracle Database (Database is used to host OWSM MDS & OSB JMS Reposting) :

Note: This step is required only if you are using OSB Reporting or OWSM to protect WebServices deployed on OSB

2. Create schema (XXX_MDS & XXX_SOAINFRA ) using RCU :

This step is required only if you are using OSB Reporting or OWSM to protect WebServices deployed on OSB

If you are new to Repository Creation Utility (RCU) then click here

3. Install JDK 1.6.x

4. Install WebLogic 10.3.6

Note: This step will create Middleware Home (MW_HOME) & WebLogic Home (WL_HOME)

5. Install OSB from $OSB11.1.1.7_SOFTWARE/Disk1/runInstaller -jreLoc [JDK_HOME_FROM_STEP3]

Note : Install OSB (OSB ORACLE_HOME) in Middleware Home (MW_HOME) created above

6. Configure OSB using OSB_ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/config.sh :

Note: You can create New WebLogic Domain or extend existing WebLogic domain (More on WebLogic Domain here )

7. Start Admin Server and Managed Server (osb_server1). More on options to start WebLogic Server (Admin or Managed Server) here

8. Access WebLogic Console (http://host:AdminPort/console) and OSB Console (http://host:AdminPort/sbconsole) using user created during WebLogic Domain creation.


Few things to note


1. When you create schema using Repository Creation Utility (RCU) , select Metadata Services (MDS) and SOA Infrastructure (SOAINFRA)


2. When installing OSB software , select Middleware Home as used during WebLogic Server installation .

Note: OSB ORACLE_HOME is full path till Oracle_OSB1



3. When installing OSB software, you can select installation type as Typical or Custom

a) Typical install OSB, OSB IDE (required for development)

b) Custom install gives option to select what you wish to install (you can choose to install or ignore OSB IDE and OSB examples)


4. When installing OSB software and select installation type as Custom , you get option to select what component to install.

Note:  If you are deploying this in PROD or TEST environment (and not using it for development) then unselect OSB IDE & OSB Examples



4. When installing OSB software, installer prompts for WebLogic Server location. Provide WebLogic Server location installed in previous step



5. When configuration OSB (i.e. creating or extending WebLogic domain to host OSB application) select following

Note: select OSB OWSM extension if you wish to protect services deployed on OSB server using OWSM.





OSB Console