I discussed about availability of IAM 11gR2 PS2 (, installation changes in here and lessons learned to upgrade to 11gR2 PS2 here .

I also discussed new feature OAM High Availability across Data Centres introduced in 11gR2 PS2 ( OAMConsole (Admin Console to configure & manage OAM) has changed in OAM 11GR2 PS2 (, more information here


In this post I am going to show how to enable below services in Access Management Suite.

a) Identity Federation
b) Security Token Service
c) Mobile and Social
d) Access Portal Service


Note: These services are disabled by default and you must enable them before using (More on integrating OAM with Google as Identity Provider later)


1. Login to OAM console /oamconsole (OAM console application is deployed on WebLogic Admin Server) using user defined in oam-config.xml 

Note: Identify UserIdentityStore where IsSystem is set to true and then identify User and Groups listed


<Setting Name=”LDAP” Type=”htf:map”> <Setting Name=”UserIdentityStore” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Name” Type=”xsd:string”>UserIdentityStore1</Setting> <Setting Name=”Type” Type=”xsd:string”>LDAP</Setting>
<Setting Name=”LDAP_URL” Type=”xsd:string”>ldap://ldap-host:7001</Setting>
<Setting Name=”SECURITY_PRINCIPAL” Type=”xsd:string”>cn=Admin</Setting>
<Setting Name=”SECURITY_CREDENTIAL” Type=”xsd:string”>{AES}F8E3A9FAD9D662F753D842979423ED3D</Setting>
<Setting Name=”USER_SEARCH_BASE” Type=”xsd:string”>ou=people,ou=myrealm,dc=base_do
<Setting Name=”GROUP_SEARCH_BASE” Type=”xsd:string”>ou=groups,ou=myrealm,dc=base_d
<Setting Name=”USER_NAME_ATTRIBUTE” Type=”xsd:string”>uid</Setting>
<Setting Name=”LDAP_PROVIDER” Type=”xsd:string”>EMBEDDED_LDAP</Setting>
<Setting Name=”UserIdentityProviderType” Type=”xsd:string”>OracleUserRoleAPI</Sett
<Setting Name=”IsPrimary” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting>
<Setting Name=”IsSystem” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting>

<Setting Name=”RoleMappings” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Role Security Admin” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Groups” Type=”xsd:string”>Administrators</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Users” Type=”xsd:string”>weblogic</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Role System Monitor” Type=”xsd:string”>Monitors</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Role Application Administrator” Type=”xsd:string”>Operators</Sett
<Setting Name=”Role System Manager” Type=”xsd:string”>Deployers</Setting>




2. Click Available Services under Configuration

 3. Select Enable next to service that you wish to enable