New OAMConsole in OAM 11gR2 PS2 : Enabling Federation, STS, Mobile & Social in Oracle Access Management Suite


I discussed about availability of IAM 11gR2 PS2 (, installation changes in here and lessons learned to upgrade to 11gR2 PS2 here .

I also discussed new feature OAM High Availability across Data Centres introduced in 11gR2 PS2 ( OAMConsole (Admin Console to configure & manage OAM) has changed in OAM 11GR2 PS2 (, more information here

In this post I am going to show how to enable below services in Access Management Suite.

a) Identity Federation
b) Security Token Service
c) Mobile and Social
d) Access Portal Service

Note: These services are disabled by default and you must enable them before using (More on integrating OAM with Google as Identity Provider later)

1. Login to OAM console /oamconsole (OAM console application is deployed on WebLogic Admin Server) using user defined in oam-config.xml 

Note: Identify UserIdentityStore where IsSystem is set to true and then identify User and Groups listed


<Setting Name=”LDAP” Type=”htf:map”> <Setting Name=”UserIdentityStore” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Name” Type=”xsd:string”>UserIdentityStore1</Setting> <Setting Name=”Type” Type=”xsd:string”>LDAP</Setting>
<Setting Name=”LDAP_URL” Type=”xsd:string”>ldap://ldap-host:7001</Setting>
<Setting Name=”SECURITY_PRINCIPAL” Type=”xsd:string”>cn=Admin</Setting>
<Setting Name=”SECURITY_CREDENTIAL” Type=”xsd:string”>{AES}F8E3A9FAD9D662F753D842979423ED3D</Setting>
<Setting Name=”USER_SEARCH_BASE” Type=”xsd:string”>ou=people,ou=myrealm,dc=base_do
<Setting Name=”GROUP_SEARCH_BASE” Type=”xsd:string”>ou=groups,ou=myrealm,dc=base_d
<Setting Name=”USER_NAME_ATTRIBUTE” Type=”xsd:string”>uid</Setting>
<Setting Name=”LDAP_PROVIDER” Type=”xsd:string”>EMBEDDED_LDAP</Setting>
<Setting Name=”UserIdentityProviderType” Type=”xsd:string”>OracleUserRoleAPI</Sett
<Setting Name=”IsPrimary” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting>
<Setting Name=”IsSystem” Type=”xsd:boolean”>true</Setting>

<Setting Name=”RoleMappings” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Role Security Admin” Type=”htf:map”>
<Setting Name=”Groups” Type=”xsd:string”>Administrators</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Users” Type=”xsd:string”>weblogic</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Role System Monitor” Type=”xsd:string”>Monitors</Setting>
<Setting Name=”Role Application Administrator” Type=”xsd:string”>Operators</Sett
<Setting Name=”Role System Manager” Type=”xsd:string”>Deployers</Setting>


2. Click Available Services under Configuration

 3. Select Enable next to service that you wish to enable

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oam_user_oh says March 18, 2014

I upgraded our 11gR2PS1 ( to 11gR2PS2 ( The options for Identity Federation and Access Portal Service are greyed out (i.e., doesn’t allow the option to Enable them from their default disabled state). How do I enable them? Thanks!

Karan says October 5, 2015

Hi Atul..

I’m expereincing the same issue
11gR2PS2 ( The options for Identity Federation and Access Portal Service are greyed out (i.e., doesn’t allow the option to Enable them from their default disabled state). How do I enable them? Thanks!

Any Ideas?

Shubham Gupta says May 10, 2016

Hi Atul, is it possible to enable Mobile and Social service in OAM using wlst or any other automated way, I need to do automation for my environment.


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