In today’s post I am going to Monitoring WebLogic Server Transactions from topic Transactions  for WebLogic 12c Certification 1Z0-133 for Administrators .  If you have come directly on this post then first check first check




1. Monitoring of Transactions is configured at Server Level, go to  Servers -> [ServerName] -> Monitoring -> JTA

2. On Summary sub tab of JTA, you will see

a) Transaction Total Count
b) Transaction Committed Total Count : since re-start
c) Transaction Rolled Back Total Count : since re-start
d) Transaction Rolled Back for Timeout Total Count


3. To view transactional monitoring of a particular resource, go to  Servers -> [ServerName] -> Monitoring -> JTA -> [Select Resource]

4. If message during Transaction is recorded then you can view it in Server’s log $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/[name of Server]/logs

5. You can turn transaction debug flag for detailed transaction log messages go to  Servers -> [ServerName] -> Debug-> expand Weblogic -> expand Transaction