We recently implemented Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) integration with Oracle E-Business Suite (R12) using EBS-UM connector.

We also integrated Oracle E-Business Suite (R12) with GRC/OAACG for Segregation of Duties (SoD). Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) was also integrated with GRC/OAACG for SoD where on provisioning EBS roles & responsibilities in EBS (from OIM), OIM was doing SoD checks with GRC/OAACG.

This post covers parameters you define in OIM IT Resource for IT Resource Name – OAACG-ITRes (IT Resource Type – eBusiness Suite OAACG)



In IT Resource of OIM you define

  • Source Datasource Name: This name should match with Datasource in GRC/OAACG for EBS
  • DBUser : This is database user where OAACG schema is created during GRC/OAACG installation
  • JDBC URL : JDBC URL for GRC schema 
  • Port : HTTP Port of GRC/OAACG
  • Server : Hostname where GRC/OAACG application is deployed 
  • sodServerURL : GRC Service URL that must be invoked by OIM
  • Username : Admin User of GRC/OAACG