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FREE Live Demo class with Hands-On : Oracle Access Manager : Sunday


  This Sunday 24th Jan at 7:30 AM PST / 10:30 AM EST/ 3:30 PM GMT/ 9 PM GMT  I’ll be doing FREE Demo Class on Oracle Access Manager with Hands-on for my Upcoming Oracle Access Manager course. But before I can Jump into this  FREE Demo class with some Hands-On exercises I need your help! I’m starting […]

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OAMConsole : 404 Page not found for /oamconsole in Oracle Access Manager 11gR2


 OAM Console (/oamconsole) is an application to manage Oracle Access Manager Configuration that gets deployed on WebLogic’s Admin Server (when you configure OAM Server). You access OAM Console from http://WebLogicAdminServerHost:AdminPort/oamconsole This post covers issue encountered by one of our trainee in our Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 Training / Workshop Error: While accessing an oamconsole at […]

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FREE Webinar : Saturday 9th Jan : SSL in WebLogic / SOA / WebLogic & OHS


   SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and TLS is for Transport Layer Security where SSL 3.0 is predecessor of TLS 1.0. TLS V1.0 was always considered to be little more secure than its predecessor SSL 3.0 however with POODLE vulnerability SSL v3.0 is now completely insecure (Are you still using SSL 3.0 in your […]

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Confused about Oracle Identity Management : See me #Sangam15 Hyderabad on 21/22 Nov 2015

Are you confused about so many Oracle Identity & Access Management (OAM, OIM, OID, OVD, OAG and the list goes on…) ? Do you understand Identity Management Jargons like Authentication, Authorization (Fine-grained vs Coarse-grained), Provisioning, Reconciliation, SoD ? Wish you could automatically creates Users and assign Roles/Responsibilities in Oracle E-Business Suite centrally ? Interested in enhancing […]

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Oracle Apps (EBS) 12.2.5 is now available


  Oracle last week via press release announced general availability of Oracle Apps 12.2.5 Our Oracle pps DBA Training Team is busy evaluating 12.2.5 version (results so far suggests that 12.2.5 is going to make Apps DBA life easy, those of you working on 12.2.x can understand what I mean here) but till then you can […]

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Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g : Architecture


  This post covers Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Architecture / components from our Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g training   Note: Image from Oracle A-Team’s blog (must read blog) Oracle Access Manager 11g consists of 1. Database for OAM : Database hosts OAM’s metadata and policies defined by Administrators to secure business application. You use RCU to create […]

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EBS R12 (12.1) installation failed at Post Install Checks on Linux :

  This post is from our Oracle Apps DBA Training where trainees install Oracle E-Business Suite (R12) on our servers remotely. We use Oracle Linux 5.5 to install Oracle Apps and on installing version 12.1.1 installation completes but at post install check failed with above screen shot (Post validation checks failed for HTTP Server). If you […]

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How to become Apps (R12.2) DBA Part III : Patching : ADOP

  This is third part in series How to become Oracle Apps DBA from our Oracle Apps DBA (R12.2) Training. After Architecture and Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite (R12.2) next topic you should learn in Oracle Apps DBA Training is Patching. There are major changes around Patching in Oracle EBS 12.2 so if you are an Apps DBA working on R12 or 11i […]

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Oracle Apps DBA Training : How to become Apps (R12) DBA Part II : Installation

This is second part in series How to become Oracle Apps DBA from our Oracle Apps DBA (R12) Training (next batch starts on 8th Aug and only 3 seats left). In first part, I mentioned that first and foremost thing you need to understand is Architecture of Oracle E-Business Suite (WebLogic is introduced in WebLogic 12.2 so that is […]

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How to become/learn Oracle Apps DBA R12.2 : Part I

I started this blog 9 years back with first post as How to become Oracle Apps DBA (back then it was 11i) and with 225 comments, this is still the most common question I get in mail or on this blog. We are starting our new batch for Oracle Apps DBA training (R12.2) from August 8, […]

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