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WebLogic Server Hangs at Startup : Beware if you Disk is 100% full


 We were recently implementing  Oracle Fusion MiddleWare for one of our Customer in United Arab Emirates and we encountered issue on WebLogic Server where startup of WebLogic Server hangs (WebLogic is heart of Fusion Middleware that is now used in almost every Fusion Middleware Product and also in E-Business Suite R12.2 and Peoplesoft) which we have described […]

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[FREE Live Webinar] Oracle Access Manager Live Webinar: Join k21 Team on 16 January

We’re so glad and excited to share that this year 2016, we got an amazing startup and noticed that you are also seeking the same. How? A couple of days back, we launched our Oracle Fusion Middleware Live Webinar for FREE where Atul Kumar (an Oracle ACE and Fusion MiddleWare and Identity and Access Management […]

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Oracle Fusion MiddleWare Training from 16th Jan : Learn from Experts : SOA, OBIEE, WebCenter, WebLogic, OHS etc

Oracle Fusion Middleware is suite of products consisting of Oracle SOA Suite, OBIEE, WebCenter, WebLogic, Forms & Reports, Web Tier like OHS and lot many other products. More and more companies are adopting Fusion Middleware be it for Integrations or for Customer Portal . Looking at resource demand in Job market for Oracle Fusion Middleware and not […]

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FREE Live Webinar: Learn EBS 12.2 Upgrade Flow from Team K21


  The Oracle EBS upgrade 12.2 (Latest 12.2.5 currently) makes use of Processor Oracle Toolkit to ‘Convert’ application from Current Oracle Applications release to R12. The process involved: ● Pre-Upgrade Steps ● Upgrade ● Post-Upgrade Steps ● Supported Tools & utilities Join team K21 Technologies for FREE Webinar on this Friday (18th December,2015) at 9:00  AM […]

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Upgrading to Oracle EBS/Apps 12.2 ? 15 Documents every Apps DBA must know : FREE Download


  If you are thinking of Upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite/ Apps (11i or R12) to 12.2 then this post is for you (at end of this post you will get FREE guide containing 15 Documents every Apps DBA must read before Upgrading EBS to 12.2). Architecture in Oracle EBS 12.2 has changed and We covered in […]

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Oracle WebLogic Administration Interview Questions : FREE Download


 Are you struggling to get your dream Job as a WebLogic Administrator or need in-depth knowledge in WebLogic to work on Fusion Middleware, SOA, OBIEE, WebCenter or Oracle Apps EBS (EBS 12.2 uses WebLogic Server) ? Are you looking for some relevant Interview Questions to find your dream Job in Weblogic ?   Before we Download the […]

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Running Oracle Weblogic Server on Linux ? Did you check Entropy


 This post covers performance issue (Admin Console taking ages while accessing) and is must read if you are running WebLogic Server on Linux. We encountered this issue while managing Fusion Middleware (with WebLogic) for one of our customer where accessing Admin Console was very Slow and there were no errors in log (memory and CPU were […]

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FREE Live Webinar: Learn Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g R2 from team K21

Oracle Access Manager (OAM) is Oracle’s recommended Single Sign-On (SSO) solution and mandatory for Oracle Fusion Applications. Apps DBA’s and Fusion Middleware Administrator with OAM skills have better chances of any opportunities in to Oracle and are always paid higher.   Join team K21 Technologies for FREE Webinar on this Saturday (7th November,2015) at 9:00  AM […]

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FREE live webinar : Learn Oracle Apps 12.2 for DBAs and Apps DBAs

Do you know enough about the features of Oracle E-Business Suite from 11i to 12 ? Are you interested in becoming an Oracle Apps DBA ? Join us on our live webinar on Thursday (29th October,2015) at 6:30 – 7:30 PM PST/ 9:30-10:30 PM EST or Friday (30th October,2015) at 7:00-8:00 AM IST to know about the architecture […]

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Learn Oracle Apps DBA : FREE 12.2 Installation Guide & Interview Questions

Are you an Oracle DBA and interested in Learning Oracle Apps R12 or want to become an Oracle Apps DBA ? Are you interested in seeking a career or Job in Oracle Apps DBA ?  Click here to download the Free Apps DBA Interview Questions Guide that are important from Interview perspective. Lot of people […]

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