Database Crash : ORA-27300: OS system dependent operation:semctl failed with status: 22 (RedHat 7)

Database Installation and Operation Fails if RemoveIPC=yes Is Configured for systemd If RemoveIPC=yes is configured for systemd, interprocess communication (IPC) is terminated for a non-system user’s processes when that user logs out. This setting, which is intended for laptops, can cause software problems on server systems. For example, if the user is a database software […]

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10 Oracle documents every Apps DBA must read before Upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2


 Are you an Oracle Apps DBA looking for Upgrading Oracle E-Business to version 12.2 ? If you confused where to start and what documents to read before you Upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 then you are at right place. This post covers 10 important Oracle documents that every Apps DBA must read before doing Oracle EBS […]

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OAM 11g : Authorization headers are not passed to downstream applications

Readers, Just another post on OAM 11g issue that I have recently seen. OAM version could be 11g R1 or later. It is common practice for OAM to pass headers to downstream applications for userid or any other user/session attributes for SSO to work. Recently while working on EBS 12.2 and OAM PS3 SSO integration, I […]

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Multi-Factor Authentication possibilities in OAM 11g

Readers, It’s been sometime since writing here, however I believe I am back with good informative post today. It is very common ask for MFA these days and there are multiple ways to achieve this in Oracle Access Management by using either OAM 11g or combination of OAM and OAAM 11g (and/or using 3rd party products). […]

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Applying Patches in Oracle Fusion Middleware ? Welcome to Zero DownTime (ZDT) Patch


 In my Oracle Fusion Middleware Training for Apps DBAs, DBAs, and Middleware Admin, I was discussing about Patching as part of Module 10, where we cover various patching tools like opatch, bsu, psa for various products like SOA, WebLogic, OHS, WebCenter etc including Schema Patches. One of the topic came was how to apply patches without impacting […]

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OAM 11gR2 FREE Mini Course by Oracle ACE Atul Kumar

FREE Training : Learn Oracle Access Manager (OAM) for Single Sign-On (SSO)


 In this post I am going to cover why you should learn Oracle Access Manager (OAM), What to learn in OAM and How you can learn.  I’ll also share link to my FREE  Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11gR2 Mini Course. In this FREE OAM Mini Training I’ll send 3-4 mails every week over next 4 weeks for […]

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Oracle Fusion Middleware : WebLogic is Key, Learn Domain, Install/Configure, Start/Stop : Part II


 This is part II of my journey on learning Oracle Fusion Middleware with me (Atul Kumar). In part I here I covered why I started learning Oracle Fusion Middleware almost 10 Years ago, How it transformed my career and I now charge premium rate for my consulting Services and mentioned that If I can do it […]

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Oracle Fusion Middleware : Concepts & Architecture

If I can do it, you can too…and I truly believe this.      In this post I am going to cover what is Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW), Why I learnt it and What & How you should learn it too.     Before I tell more about FMW, for those who don’t know me, 16 Years ago, […]

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Oracle Apps DBA :Installing EBS 12.2 ? Check this post


 This post is related to Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite R12  (12.2 in specific) where you use StartCD to start Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite from root user. If you are looking for steps to install Oracle E-Business Suite R12 then look at Atul’s post on R 12.2 installation here Every now and then Oracle […]

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Forgot EBS 12.2 : “Invalid credentials passed” issue while starting Admin Server


 Architecture in Oracle EBS R12.2 changed and Oracle introduced WebLogic Server. This was covered by Atul in his previous post on changes in EBS12.2.    WebLogic Server contains Admin Server in a Domain  and you use script adadminsrvctl to start Admin Server in Oracle EBS Domain. You need username/password to start/boot Admin Server and this […]

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