OAMCFGTOOL : OAM Configuration Tool for Fusion Middleware 11g (SOA/WebCenter) Integration with OAM

This post covers overview of OAM Configuration tool which automates some parts of integrating Fusion Middleware with Oracle Access Manager (Installation of OAM components + WebGate is still required and not covered by OAM Configuration Tool)

First some terminology for those who are new to Access Manager and Fusion Middleware
OAM –Oracle Access Manager is Oracle’s recommended Web Single Sign-On solution which also provides Identity and Access Management and is part of Oracle Identity Management Suite.

OFM –Oracle Fusion Middleware is set of middleware products (WebLogic, SOA, WebCenter, Content Management, Business Intelligence….) from Oracle.

oamcfgtool.jar – is jar file which contains java classes and other files required to automate integration of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g with OAM.

OAMCFGTOOL – is an Automated script (oamcfgtool.jar) to configure policies and authentication schemes required to integrate fusion middleware applications (webcenter/soa) with OAM .

Is oamcfgtool.jar mandatory for integration of OAM with Fusion Middleware 11g (SOA, Webcenter) for Web Single Sign-On and authentication ?
No, oamcfgtool.jar is NOT mandatory, It just automates process . You can also integrate OAM with Oracle Fusion Middleware manually (details on how to integrate OAM with SOA/WebCenter 11g without oamcfgtool.jar later) .

What happens when you run oamcfgtool in CREATE mode ?
OAMcfgTool does the following
a) Create forms based authentication schemes in OAM
b) Create policies to enable authentication in WebLogic Server
c) Policies to protect and unprotect URIs (protected_uris, public_uris)


Where to find oamcfgtool.jar ?
This file comes with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 PS1 ( installation of type SOA, WebCenter and is available at $MW_HOME/oracle_common/mudules/oracle.oamprovider_11.1.1/


Syntax of OAM Configuration Tool

$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar oamcfgtool.jar mode=CREATE [param=value]…

You would need java (atleast version 6) to execute and parameters include

app_domain Oracle Access Manager policy domain name
web_domain Name of the web domain. This is automatically created by the OAMCFGTOOL if no value is passed.
protected_uris “uri1,uri2,uri3”
app_agent_password Password to be provisioned for App Agent
ldap_host Host name of LDAP server
ldap_port Port of LDAP server
ldap_userdn DN of LDAP Administrator user
ldap_userpassword Password of LDAP Administrator user
oam_aaa_host Host name of an Oracle Access Manager
oam_aaa_port Port of an Oracle Access Manager
What If you hit issues while running oamcfgtool.jar ?
You can use optional parameter log_file and log_level(ALL, SEVERE, WARNING, INFO, CONFIG, FINE, FINER, FINEST, OFF – default) with oamcfgtool.jar to debug issue

What are options available for parameter mode= in oamcfgtool.jar ?
CREATE is to create policy
VALIDATE is to validate that tool created policies correctly



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