Fusion Applications : 128 GB memory and 500 GB Disk space : Are you ready

If you are looking for hardware requirement (Hard Disk and Memory) to install Fusion Applications at personal computer then think again. Oracle Fusion Applications Release Notes recommends

Memory : 128 GB + 64 GB SWAP
Disk : 500 GB

If you are wondering about 128 GB memory requirement then here is breakdown based on my personal experience.

Oracle Fusion Applications consists of

a) Identity and Access Management Database – containing ODS, ODSSM, OVD, OIF, OIM, OAM, SOA, and Audit schema (4 GB memory)

b) Identity and Access Management Application Tier – 1 Weblogic Domain containing 4 servers (Admin Sever , OIM Server, OAM Server, SOA Server) and OID Server. (4 GB memory)

c) Fusion Applications Transactional Database – containing transactional data and metadata for Fusion Applications and Fusion Middleware (9 GB memory for DEV)

d) Fusion Applications Application Tier – containing 9 WebLogic Domain (Common, CRM, Financial, HCM, SCM, Data Hub, FAH, Contracts, Incentive Compensation) containing 39 Application Managed Servers and 28 Middleware Managed Servers.

As shown below Financial alone will create 8 WebLogic Domain, 21 Application Managed Servers, and 23 Middleware Managed Servers.

e) Fusion Applications Web Tier – containing OHS (HTTP Server)

Note: If you are not familiar with WebLogic Domain then check my post here

Oracle Identity and Access Management deployment is prerequisite of Fusion Application Provisioning. If you are new to Oracle Identity and Access Management of wish to learn Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g or Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g then check my book on Amazon or Packtpub

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alzheimer says November 3, 2011

thanks, thats nice to know, keep it up..

Jitedra says November 21, 2011

Hi Atul,

Thanks for sharing!!!
Is it possible to install Fusion Application in 32GB RAM box for testing.


Atul Kumar says November 24, 2011

@ Jitendra,
I think 32GB should not be enough but there is no harm in attempting. I am doing this on 48 GB machine .

confused.com says November 29, 2011

can you clarify the 128gb requirement.
As your breakdown only adds up to 17gb ?
And in your only post, you state you are trying an install on 48gb machine ?

Atul Kumar says November 30, 2011

@ Confused.com,

Most of memory is used by 39 Application Managed Servers and 28 Middleware Managed Servers running on weblogic server.

There are approx. 67 managed server (each at least 1GB memory) and then System Components like OBIEE, OHS , OID …..

I’ll break down on these numbers in my future posts.

Rajeev says December 18, 2011

Hello Atul,
As we can’t install on laptop or PC. Is there any special kind of server you used for your installation.

Just need you little guidance to get the correct box for this installation.


Atul Kumar says December 18, 2011

@ Rajeev,
I am doing this on Amazon cloud (2 box each of very large size 48 GB memory)

Note: It can be expensive as each server costs 2 Dollar per hour with additional charge for Disk space.

Jerry says January 20, 2012


I’m running out of memory….

My 6GB virtual machine has very little hope to get the job done …..

Could you please share how to do this in Amazon Cloud?

Also, 2$/h is only paid when server is up right?

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Atul Kumar says January 20, 2012

@ Jerry,

2 $ per hour is when machine is up for memory and CPU. You then also pay for hard disk (even when not using instances) which can be very expensive in long run

If you are planning to finish in next 5-10 days (which I doubt) then OK but if this is for long term sand box buy 2 server of 48 GB RAM or 4 servers 24 GB each and do distributed installation.

For amazon
Open an account with aws.amazon.com

Bielal says January 23, 2012

Hi Atul,

I am asking this from a functional and business development point of view, Why is so much memory required, I mean imagine how are we going to justify this to the organizations/customers looking forward to upgrade to Fusion Release.

In real time (Live) environment, you would actually need 3 to 4 such instances (Prod, Test ..etc) whereas even presently the customers finds it quite expensive to procure hardware for current release 12.

Are these req hardware specs justified from the business and ROI point of view. Looking forward to ur feedback ..


Atul Kumar says January 25, 2012

@ Bielal,
Very nice question. Memory requirement is because of underlying infrastructure.

As mentioned above Financial alone creates approx 58 weblogic managed server and considering each server requires at least 1 GB , then database and Identity & Access Management so it all adds up.

Oracle is also working towards SAAS so you can use application as service (similar to salesforce)

SJ says January 30, 2012


Great series you’ve started, thanks. QQ – i am looking to install Financials +SCM – can you please help to share the specs since you seem to have done the slice and dice


Jerry says February 5, 2012


Can you please share Amazon EC2 experience for installing fusion applications?

I took a look at aws documentation, lots of new concept for me, not sure where to start.

Also, if possible, what’s the best pricing strategy?

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Atul Kumar says February 5, 2012

Only thing I can say is that it is bit expensive in longer term.

After registering for AWS, you need to create an Instance in EC2 , select big machine of type Linux (this will give 48 GB Memory and I think 250 GB of disk) There could be other options available too.

My opinion based on personal experience is that it is better to buy server (if you are planning for long term use of Fusion Apps Instance)

amr says March 8, 2012

MY labptop have 8GB ram and 1 TB can i install that on my laptob

Atul Kumar says March 11, 2012

@ AMR,
That would not be enough.

Yasir saleh says March 19, 2012

anyone tried installation with 30GB RAM?

fvolonte says June 6, 2012

Atul, this is great information. Thanks for posting. I would love to discuss further via email if possible.

All the best,


kuba says July 1, 2012


I just get from my manager to evaluate abilities of Oracle Fusion CRM (only that). And I have a few questions:

1) What Oracle components (software) I need.
2) How many RAM and disc space do I need.
3) In there any instalation instruction to install only CRM (I have an experience with FMW but not with Fusion Apps)
4) Is there OTN Forum for Fusion CRM ?


Suu says November 4, 2012

Isit possible to install all on windows 7 64-bit?

Goutham says December 4, 2012

Hi Guru,

This is Goutham and I am a Siebel CRM Consultant and I like to learn Fusion CRM. Would you please render some information or docs to learn on how to Import data into Fusion CRM.
This would be much helpful for me to move further on in Fusion CRM learning.

Awaiting your response.
Thanks and Regards,

Sagar says May 14, 2013


Is it possible to install oracle Fusion applications– Financial Module with 16GB RAM? Two machines with 8 GB each.

Ram says June 18, 2013

Hi Atul,

I am planning to buy a server for Fusion Apps Install testing. If I go for 1 CPU + 128GB RAM + 500GB Hard drive that would suffice I guess from your postings. Can you please share the price and exact configuration details if you have no objection to share.

    Atul Kumar says June 20, 2013

    @ Ram,
    I ordered similar configuration server (Disk 2 TB) from DELL so contact DELL sales.

Das says November 28, 2013

Hi Atul,
Is this installation access by the public. Can we access the installation which you did. if yes please let us know.


anandrangan says March 10, 2014

Hi Atul,

I have a system which I am building now with 4TB of hard disk but the challenge is on the CPU and memory. I have I7-4820K which can support only upto a maximum of 64GB RAM. Also there is no unbuffered memory beyond 64GB even though my motherboard can support upto 128GB. Will this configuration work if I want to install 11.1.7 or 11.1.5?

Appreciate all your help.

Thanks and Regards,


Shashi Bhushan Kumar Singh says May 3, 2017


Can we install the Oracle Fusion application R8/9 on AWS EC2 Environment,


Eswara says August 1, 2017

Can not we install Oracle Fusion Application on Single Node.

I want to use Oracle Financials,SCM,HCM Modules for training purpose for that do we need to install complete suite.

    Atul Kumar says August 22, 2017

    Yes you can technically install FA on single node. Oracle recommends to do this on two nodes though.

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