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OAM 11g : Authorization headers are not passed to downstream applications

Readers, Just another post on OAM 11g issue that I have recently seen. OAM version could be 11g R1 or later. It is common practice for OAM to pass headers to downstream applications for userid or any other user/session attributes for SSO to work. Recently while working on EBS 12.2 and OAM PS3 SSO integration, I […]

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Multi-Factor Authentication possibilities in OAM 11g

Readers, It’s been sometime since writing here, however I believe I am back with good informative post today. It is very common ask for MFA these days and there are multiple ways to achieve this in Oracle Access Management by using either OAM 11g or combination of OAM and OAAM 11g (and/or using 3rd party products). […]

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OAM 11g SAML SSO Integration with AtTask

WorkForce AtTask is a cloud based project management solution and it is capable of talking SAML. Recently I had integrated AtTask application with Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 for SAML SSO integration where AtTask is SP and OAM is IDP. AtTask uses its own repository for users. OAM uses AD LDAP for authentication store. Like any […]

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OAM 11g: Resource URL

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Just in case if you have a requirement to retrieve the resource URL or the original URL the user accessed during authentication process in OAM 11g, then this post is for you. If you wish to redirect the user to different page post authentication/authorization success or failure and you would like to know the original […]

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Register OAM WebGate from WebGate host

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Hi All, In this post I will explain how one can register a webgate from webgate host rather than registering the webgate from OAM Admin Console or OAM Admin Host. Refer these posts 1, 2 to understand concepts of WebGate registration in OAM 11g. Inband registration mode is used when Web Server Administrator and OAM […]

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Apache 11g WebGate for OAM 11gR2

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Apache WebGate is one of the widely used webgates in most of the enterprises. Oracle has been releasing OHS 11g webgates for OAM 11gR1, R2 PS1 and R2 PS2 releases. However Oracle has released Apache 11g R2 PS1 webgate with OAM 11g R2 PS1 release and it can be downloaded from -> Oracle Fusion […]

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Error while starting OAM WebLogic Servers “Policy store update operations are not allowed, system is write protected”

I’ve come across an issue in OAM 11g R2 PS2 environment. Multi Data Center is also being setup with one DC as Master and other DC as Clone. After configuring the Clone DC using T2P commands and running few WLST commands to accomplish MDC setup, the below errors were seen while starting the OAM WebLogic […]

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Backing up and restoring a small directory : OID 11g

Hi All, This is one of the most common activity that every IDM assignment might consist of, backing up and restoring LDAP. In this post I would like to provide an insight about backing up and restoring details for Oracle Internet Directory 11g. Essentially what you need to take backup is : Users and group […]

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Securing ObFormLoginCookie in OAM 10g

We usually secure ObSSOCookie to pass this cookie in SSL environment and to avoid non-SSL applications to access. This is a very good feature to improve security in OAM. However if you also want to secure ObFormLoginCookie although you don’t find any sensitive information in this cookie, you can do so. Securing ObFormLoginCookie will allow […]

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Disable IAMSuiteAgent

This post will give an insight into IAMSuiteAgent and how to disable it? IAMSuiteAgent is a pre-built Java agent that comes with OAM 11g by default. Few important points of IAMSuiteAgent are: The IAMSuiteAgent is a domain-wide agent: Once Access Manager is deployed, the IAMSuiteAgent is installed on every server in the domain Unless disabled, […]

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