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addPartnerForMultiDataCentre is not updating MDC partners in oam-config.xml in OAM 11g R2 PS2

In OAM 11g R2 PS2, I was working on Multi Data Center setup by following the documentation. I had to run the WLST command addPartnerForMultiDataCentre by giving file as input. What does this command do? In MDC, when the failover happens from DC1 to DC2, all the webgate requests will be routed to DC2 […]

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oracle.oam.EnableMDCReplication property in OAM 11gR2 MDC

If you are working on Multi Data Center in OAM 11g R2 PS2, you would encounter the issue of updating the oracle.oam.EnableMDCReplication flag to true as per the Oracle Documentation link. However the document does not specify where to change this property. Here is what you need to do: Goto WebLogic Domain directory. Take backup […]

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Response contains no valid assertions: Ping Federate

Hi All One of the partners for which they are PingFederate integrated already were getting below error while performing Single Sign-On. We are IDP and partner is SP and PingFederate is used at both ends using Artifact profile. If you observe closely it is complaining about Time Condition. Thumb rule is that IDP and SP […]

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Unprotecting URIs without using OAM Anonymous authentication

This entry is part 12 of 20 in the series Oracle Access Manager

I am pretty sure you might have had the requirement to unprotect certain URI context in an application URL using OAM. This is in regards to OAM The usual procedure to unprotect an URI context is to define the resource in OAM Policy Domain. Create a separate policy for that URI and specify Anonymous […]

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OAM 10g integration with Cisco Prime Service Catalog

I’ve got an opportunity to integrate Cisco Prime Service Catalog application 10.1 with Oracle Access Manager 10g.  FYI: OAM 10g is not certified with Cisco Prime Service Catalog product for SSO integration. Here is the requirement: There are lot of applications in the organizations which are integrated with OAM 10g for SSO. Cisco Prime Service […]

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Working with Access Server SDK and OAM 10g

Hi All, I’ve written a post earlier about working with 10g Access Gates using Oracle Access Manager 11g. Today, I would like to give insights into implementation of 10g Access Gates using Oracle Access Manager 10g. Access Server SDK 10g is used for Access Gates where out of the box webgates are not available for […]

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OVD AD Ranged Attribute Plugin

I have been working on OVD environment having AD adapters for users and groups, no special configuration here. Some of the AD groups contains member attribute values ranging till 1000+. So for  AD group containing member values say 150, the attribute name appears as member with values translated for DN automatically. Attributes in Active […]

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Renew certificates in OAM

This entry is part 16 of 20 in the series Oracle Access Manager

I’m working on OAM environment which is setup in CERT mode. I noticed that OAM Servers have stopped working and are not coming up. Furthermore I’ve identified that OAM certificates are expired. Here are the steps you need to do to renew the certs: Get the new certificates. Prepare it as ois_cert.pem, ois_key.pem and […]

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Integrating OAM with Bridge-way eCounsel.. Cntd..

This post is continuation to OAM integration with Bridgeway eCounsel application for SSO here. The previous post covers the configuration changes required at Suite Manager console. If you access the eCounsel application through IIS server then you will see that IWA happening however a window pop-up would appear asking for credentials again. This is because […]

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Integrating OAM with Bridge-way eCounsel

This post explains the integration of OAM with Bridge-way eCounsel application using IWA mechanism. Please refer the previous post for IWA implementation steps. What is Bridge-way eCounsel? Bridgeway eCounsel is the complete, easy-to-use matter management solution that lets you easily track every detail for any matter, assign and manage internal staff and outside counsel, […]

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