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Integrating Access Manager with Oracle SSO

The following steps discuss the integration of Oracle Access Manager with Oracle Application Server. (This is not applicable to a standalone oc4j.). 1. User accesses OAM protected application deployed on Oracle Application Server and webgate intercepts that request. 2. Webgate checks with the Access Server if the resource is protected. 3. When the resource is […]

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Caveats & Bugs identified while installing OAM on Linux

Ensure that following conditions are met while installing OAM on linux. Typically you will face issue after webpass installation while starting HTTP Server. OAM 1. While starting OIS Server Error: /disk1/oracle/Middleware/OAM/identity/oblix/apps/common/bin/ois_server: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory rm: error while loading shared libraries: […]

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Troubleshooting tips on Oracle IDM 11g installations

1. Error: Message from syslogd@itechdemo at Tue Aug  4 21:18:34 2009 … itechdemo Oblix: 2009/08/04@15:48:34.019699     17769   17783   ACCESS_GATE    FATAL    0x0000182C      /usr/abuild/Oblix/coreid1014/palantir/webgate2/src/apache2entry_web_gate.cpp:434        “The AccessGate is unable to contact any Access Servers.”       raw_code^301 Solution: 1. Check the preferred hostname given in webgate (in Access console) in the Host Identifiers section. 2. Rearrange the modules in httpd.conf by […]

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Troubleshooting OAM-OAAM integration

1. Error: Oracle Access Manager Operation Error The login form /oasa/loginPage.jsp defined for form authentication itself requires form authentication. It should be unprotected. Contact your website administrator to remedy this problem. Probable Solution: The action URL specified for this authentication scheme should be unprotected using Anonymous authentication scheme. For instance, if you had specified the […]

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TroubleShooting OAM-Sharepoint Integration

This post will describe some of the trouble shooting tips of OAM and Sharepoint Integration. Error: Images not appearing:- Simulation: 1. Access the sharepoint portal page. 2. Enter the OAM credentials to login to portal. 3. Sharepoint portal page will be shown but images are not displayed. Probable Solution: Check the Anonymous Access checkbox is […]

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Oracle SSO provisioning for APEX

This section deals with provisioning Oracle SSO for APEX application. 1. Register APEX as partner application in Oracle Application server. Note some of the details as shown below. ID: 80F63272 Token: 51J0903680F63272 Encryption Key: EBBD933BC541FAFF Login URL: http://directory_server_hostname:7777/pls/orasso/orasso.wwsso_app_admin.ls_login Single Sign-Off URL: http://directory_server_hostname:7777/pls/orasso/orasso.wwsso_app_admin.ls_logout Name : APEX Home URL : http://apex_hostname:8080/apex Success URL : http://apex_hostname:8080/apex/wwv_flow_custom_auth_sso.process_success Logout URL […]

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Cookie less SSO with OAM

The cookieless single sign-on session support with OAM can be provided by placing the Oracle WebCache between user’s browser and web server as depicted in above figure. End-user can either use separate WebCache instances for each backend web server, or use the common WebCache instance which will be shared by multiple backend web servers. The […]

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Single Sign-on between Weblogic Server and Weblogic Portal using Oracle Access Manager

This post talks about the architecture, integration aspects and troubleshooting tips for the SSO implementation between WLS and WLP applications. Architecture: Description: The components present in this architecture are Oracle Access Manager, Weblogic Server 10.3.0 and Weblogic Portal 10.3.0, SSPI Connector and OHS webserver 11g . The objective is to get Single Sign-On […]

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Troubleshooting tips for LDAP command line tools

This post will talk about the problems and solutions that arises when LDAP command line tools are run for various scenarios. Error:unable to locate message file: ldap.msb Scenario: When you run any ldap tools like ldapmodify, ldapadd, ldapbind etc., Solution: Set the ORACLE_HOME env variable as shown below. server@hostname homedir$ export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/orasoft/Oracle/Middleware/idm/Oracle_IDM1 server@hostname homedir$  echo […]

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