Startup / Shutdown Apps

In our next topic in learning Oracle Apps DBA , this post covers startup & shutdown of Oracle Application DBA

As you are aware by now there is Database Tier ( Database & DB Listener ) and Application Tier ( WebServer, Forms, Reports, Concurrent Manager, Discoverer, Apps Listener, OnetoOne Fullfillment Server )

Order of StartUp of Services Should be
First DB Listener, Database & then Application Tier Services

Order of ShutDown of Services Should be
First Application Tier Services then Database & DB Listener

Database Startup/Shutdown Scripts
Depending on your AD Version these will be in ORACLE_HOME / appsutil/scripts /SID_hostname database startup shutdown script database listener Script


AD is for Application DBA
DB is for database
DLN is database listener
CTL is control

Isn’t this easy to remeber ( Thanks to Oracle for naming convention)

Application Tier Startup/Shutdown Scripts
Depending on your AD Version these will be in

OAD_TOP/admin/scripts/ SID_hostname Apps Listener Control Script Apache/Web Server Control Script Concurrent Manager Control Script Discoverer Control Script Forms server Control Script Report Server Control Script Stop All Middle/Application Tier Start All Middle/Application Tier

Where AD & CTL you already know now :) isn’t it

adl stand for Apps Listener
apc stand for Apache
cm Concurrent Manager
dis Discoverer
frm forms
rep report

Do you know whats Use of Apps Listener ? Check else I will post it in future post .
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