EBS R12.2 Upgrade

EBS R12.2 Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions – Part II

This post continues the series of the FAQs that we have got in our EBS Upgrade recent batch. We are back with more questions on DB 19c upgrade flow, CDB/PDB in 19c. Also, how can you upgrade your EBS after you have upgraded your DB to 19c first, and compile invalids before 19c upgrade? For […]

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Tips To Prepare AZ-300/303 Exam Microsoft Certified Azure Architect Technologies

Want to clear AZ-300/303 Azure Architect Technologies Certification Exam, but worried about how to and where to start? Don’t worry! We have got you covered! Check out the blog post at https://k21academy.com/az30015 this will help you to pass the AZ-300 Architect Technologies Certification Exam in an efficient way from beginning to the end by following […]

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database patching

Database Patching In Oracle Cloud: Step By Step

Database Patching is done for fixing bugs and improving system performance. Patching co-managed (VMBD/BMDB/Exadata) databases are the responsibility of the user while applying patches to autonomous databases is done by the provider (Oracle). Do you know how to apply a patch on DB Systems & Databases? Check our blog post at k21academy.com/clouddba72 and know it […]

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AZ-300 vs AZ- 303

AZ-300 VS AZ-303 Microsoft Certified Azure Architect Technologies

Confusion in Microsoft Azure Certifications? Want to learn but don’t know where to start? Just check out the blog at k21academy.com/az30014 in which we have covered all areas to compare AZ-300: Microsoft Certified Azure Architect Technologies with AZ-303. This blog post covers: How to become a Microsoft Azure Certified Expert from Beginners level What are […]

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Azure Functions

[AZ-204]: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure | Azure Functions

Preparing for the new đź“ťCertification AZ-204? If YES, then Azure Functions⚡ is a must-learn. Azure Functions is a serverless compute service that enables users to run event-triggered code without having to provision or manage infrastructure. The blog post at https://k21academy.com/az20412 covers everything that you must know about Azure Functions such as: An Introduction To Azure […]

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ansible configuration management

Ansible Configuration Management Tool

Ansible is the most widely used tool for Configuration Management in the industry since it is very simple to use yet powerful enough to automate complex multi-tier IT application environments. Check out the blog at https://k21academy.com/devops21 to know more about Ansible and other Configuration management tools. This blog post covers: Configuration Management Configuration Management Tools […]

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devops and jenkins

Jenkins Overview and Installation Pre-requisites

Jenkins, originally developed for continuous integration, is the most widely adopted solution for software process automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. Check out the blog at https://k21academy.com/devops20 to know more about Jenkins and its concepts. This blog post covers: Jenkins Overview Jenkins Features Installation Pre-requisites Jenkins Concepts and much more. Begin your journey towards becoming […]

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EBS R12.2 Upgrade

EBS R12.2 Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

Can you upgrade from DB 11g to 19c directly? Is there any direct path to upgrade to R12.2.9 from 11i? If you are performing the EBS upgrade to R12.2 then you might have been facing all these questions. Well, we have got a series of FAQs that our trainees have faced during their upgrade practice. […]

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How to Prepare for AZ-301

Tips To Prepare AZ-301 Exam Microsoft Certified Azure Architect Design

Want to clear AZ-301 Architect Design Certified Exam? Worried about how to and where to start preparing? Have a look at this blog at https://k21academy.com/az30112, this will assist you to pass the AZ-301 Architect Design Certified Exam in an efficient way from the beginning to the end in the precise and most brief way. This […]

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-CO2

Organizations need individuals with cloud skills to help transform their businesses. AWS Training and Certification helps you build and validate your cloud skills. Check out the blog post- https://k21academy.com/aws11 which covers: • Whats is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-CO2? • General Information About AWS SAA-CO2 • AWS SAA-CO2 Exam Topics • Exam Results Also, […]

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