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Step by Step set up Single Sign-on between multiple OCI tenancies Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)

Oracle’s next-generation security (Single sign-on)and identity management platform that is cloud-native and designed to be a part of the enterprise security fabric, providing modern identity for modern applications. A single instance of the software and supporting infrastructure serves a single client. With a single tenancy, each & every client has his/her own independent database & instance of […]

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[New Update] Oracle Cloud (OCI) Support Center

If you are working with Oracle Cloud, use their services and need support from oracle. Earlier customers used My Oracle support from a non-cloud platform only. But now you can raise & manage service requests from the OCI console. Oracle launched Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Support Center on July 8th, 2021, where Cloud support has […]

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[Recap] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate | Training Day 2 | Networking Concepts and Overview

 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a broad platform of public cloud services that allows customers to build and run wide range of applications.  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect has a deep understanding of cloud and provides solutions on Oracle Infrastructure and services.  Responsibilities ➽ Advising stakeholders and translating business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions.  Skills ➽ […]

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Load Balancing

Flexible Network Load Balancing Now Available

Network Load Balancer provides the benefits of flow high availability, source and destination IP addresses, and port preservation. It is designed to handle volatile traffic patterns and millions of flows, offering high throughput while maintaining ultra-low latency. Want to know more about Flexible Network Load Balancing? Read the blog post at to learn more. […]

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VPN Connect Logging

Oracle Cloud: VPN Connect Logging Now Available

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging service is a highly scalable and fully managed single pane of glass for all the logs in your tenancy. Logging provides access to logs from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources. These logs include critical diagnostic information that describes how resources are performing and being accessed. Want to know more about VPN Connect […]

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Flexible Load Balancer in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

No more fixed bandwidth Load Balancer! With OCI Flexible Load Balancing service, you are no longer restricted to fixed bandwidth load balancer shapes or scaling based only on the general traffic patterns. You can choose a custom minimum bandwidth of 10 Mbps and an optional maximum bandwidth of 8000 Mbps. Check out this blog at […]

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VCN flow logs

VCN Flow Logs for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

[New Update] Oracle VCN Flow Logs now available in the commercial realm Ever wondered what goes in and out of your network in the cloud and how? VCN Flow Logs allows you to view connection information for traffic within, and in and out of your virtual cloud network (VCN). Check out this blog at […]

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Resource Manager

Resource Manager In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI)

What is a Resource Manager? Where it is used and how can we implement it? You might have these questions when you come across the name Resource Manager. The Resource Manager is a fully managed service that lets you provision infrastructure on OCI. You can bring in your Terraform template definition and easily create and […]

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Draw an OCI Architecture Diagram for Architects | OCI Designer ToolKit | OKIT

Architecture diagrams are a great way to represent the overall design, deployment, and topology and provide a bird’s eye view. There are a lot of tools available to draw an OCI Architecture diagram, like Visual Paradigm, graphics, Cacoo template, OKIT, etc. Want to know the best tool and how it is used? Visit the […]

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data transfer service in OCI

Data Transfer Service In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Did you know that with Oracle’s Data Transfer Service you can now copy your data to a hard disk you own? :scream: Data can also be transferred securely and quickly from On-Premise to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage by using an Oracle supplied Data Transfer Appliance. Want to know more about Data Transfer Service […]

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