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Flexible Compute Shapes

1Z0-1072 | Flexible Compute Shapes In OCI

Oracle has introduced the new feature of Flexible Compute Shape in OCI ·       What is Flexible Compute Shape? ·       Supported in which Regions? ·       Which images are compatible? If you get the answer to all these questions, then check out K21Academy’s blog post at which covers: ·       Compute Shapes ·       Flexible Shapes ·       Supported Regions ·       Images Compatible With Flexible Shapes Begin your […]

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policies in oracle cloud

Overview Of Policy & How It Work In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

A Policy plays a vital role in Oracle Cloud, it specifies who can access which OCI resources that your company has, and how. To know more, check out K21Academy’s blog at in which we cover: • Overview Of Policies In Oracle Cloud. • Why We Use Policies? • Scope Of Policies • Steps To […]

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oracle cloud OCID

OCID & Its Importance In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Most of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources are assigned with a unique ID called Oracle Cloud Identifier (OCID). It is used to identify each resource of an Oracle Infrastructure uniquely. Check out K21 Academy’s blog post at that covers: • Overview Of OCID • OCID Syntax • How To Find The OCID Of […]

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Oracle Cloud Shell

[New Feature] Oracle Cloud Shell in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Cloud shell gives you access to a Linux Shell in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Console. It can be used to interact with resources and quickly run OCI CLI commands. The cloud shell is now available in all commercial regions. It is free to use and easily accessible from the console. Check Out K21 Academy’s blog […]

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Tagging in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Tagging Overview & Concepts In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Tagging in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is used to provide metadata to the resources so that it is easier to list and organize resources present in multiple Compartments and for billing purposes (Cost tracking tags). Check out k21 Academy’s post at that covers: • Overview of Tagging in OCI • Benefits of Using Tags […]

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Storage Gateway in Oracle Cloud

Storage Gateway In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Storage Gateway In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Do you know that now you can sync your On-Premise Application Data that can write to NFS mount without the pain of writing API to Oracle Cloud Object Storage? This can be achieved with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure feature called “Storage Gateway“. Check out K21Academy’s blog post at […]

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Compute Instance.

New Feature: Resizing Compute Instance (VM) In OCI

New Feature: Resizing Compute Instance (VM) in OCI Until now, you can’t change the shape of your existing Compute Instance. If your workload increases, your only option was to launch a new instance and reconfigure your applications on the new instance. Now, you can reshape (Scale-Up and Scale-down) an existing instance with a single reboot […]

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Virtual Networking (VCN) Quickstart

[New Feature] Virtual Networking (VCN) Quickstart In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

New Feature: Virtual Networking (VCN) Quickstart in Oracle Cloud (OCI) Oracle has recently introduced a new feature called VCN QuickStart, which makes it easier to set up a VCN with all its default components (Internet Gateway, Subnet, Security List, etc) Check out our post at which covers: • What Is VCN QuickStart? • VCN […]

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Boot Volume Backup

[New Feature] Backup Boot Volume Across Region In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

[New Feature] Backup Boot Volume Across Region In Oracle Cloud (OCI) Boot Volume that holds the Operating System and its supported files. Practically now we can migrate the complete instance to another region after taking the backup of Boot and Block volumes. Check out K21Academy’s post at which covers: • Boot Volume Backup Overview […]

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Transit Routing

Transit Routing: Access To Multiple VCNs From On-Premise

Transit Routing: Access to Multiple VCNs From On-Premise Until now, your only option to connect multiple VCNs to your On-Premise networks was to have FastConnect or IPSec VPN Connect, which means you incur costs for multiple FastConnect links or face burden of operational tasks. To overcome this, Oracle has announced the availability of OCI VCN […]

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