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Weblogic console

[Troubleshoot Socket:000445] Connection Rejected, Filter Blocked Socket While Accessing EBS R12 WebLogic Console On OCI

Fixed: WebLogic Console For E-Business (EBS) R12 on Oracle Cloud (OCI) Socket Blocked Did you encounter the “The Server is not able to service this request: blocked Socket,” error while accessing the Weblogic console from the Oracle EBS environment created from the Oracle EBS Cloud Manager? If YES, then the blog post at […]

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EBS Cloud Manager Issue

[Troubleshoot] instance ocid1.instance.oc1.iad.XX Not Found While Deploying EBS Cloud Manager:

[Troubleshoot] instance ocid1.instance.oc1.iad.XX Not Found While Deploying EBS Cloud Manager: While running the “” to configure the EBS Cloud Manager did you encounter the ⚠”instance ocid1.instance.oc1.iad.XX Not Found” issue? If yes, check the blog post at that covers the root cause & fixes of the issue encountered while running the “” and things […]

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Oracle EBS Cloud Manager

Oracle EBS Cloud Manager: New Release (19.3.1) Is Now Available

[New Update] Oracle EBS Cloud Manager (EBSCM) version 19.3.1 Now Available: How To Upgrade EBS Cloud Manager is used to Build, Manage & Migrate EBS(R12) on Oracle Cloud. Latest version 19.3.1 of EBS Cloud Manager is now available Check out: The blog post discusses the: ✦ What is EBS Cloud Manager ✦ What’s new in […]

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7 Things Every Apps DBA or Architect must know for Oracle Cloud

[Video] 7 Things Every Oracle Apps DBA or Architect Must know for Cloud

7 Things Every Oracle Apps DBA or Architect Must know in order to Build Manage & Migrate EBS (R12) on Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud that’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) These 7 things include: ✔ Deployment Options On Oracle Cloud ✔ The architecture of EBS (R12) on OCI ✔ Cloud Tools i.e. EBS Cloud Manager, Cloud […]

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[Q/A] EBS (R12) on OCI : Is Goldengate Certified for EBS Migration to Cloud??

[Q/A] Can Oracle GoldenGate be used to Migrate (Lift & Shift) Oracle EBS (R12) from On-Premise to Cloud? This is the question I’ve been asked regularly. I’ve covered this all at: Check at including ▪Overview of Goldengate ▪Overview of EBS Migration to Oracle Cloud ▪Is Goldengate certified for EBS migration to Cloud? ▪Other options […]

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EBS Cloud Manager Deployment

[Troubleshooting] EBS Cloud Manager 19.1.1 Deployment Issue because of IAM Policy/Compartment:

[Troubleshooting] EBS Cloud Manager 19.1.1 Deployment Issue because of IAM Policy/Compartment If you are deploying the latest EBS Cloud Manager using a new deployment method then this deployment will fail while creating Network on OCI at script with Error NotAuthorizedOrNotFound Check out our new blog at and follow the Step-Wise workaround which we […]

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Oracle EBS(R12) Cloud Manager Overview : What & How

[EBS R12 Cloud Manager] Overview for Apps DBAs Are you an Oracle Apps DBA, EBS Architect then you must know about EBS Cloud Manager (EBSCM) to Build Manage & Migrate EBS R12 On Oracle Cloud (OCI)☁ Checkout Our Latest Blog 🖋 at https that covers: ✔ Overview & Concepts of EBS Cloud Manager (EBSCM) ✔ […]

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EBS (R12) on Cloud New Release

EBS Cloud Manager: New Release 19.1.1 Separation Of Duties

The New release (19.1.1) of Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager (EBS CM) is now available, that brings new security features for EBS (R12) on Cloud If you are an Oracle Apps DBA, Architect or someone working on EBS(R12) then, Check my new Video Below & know about: ✔ What is this new Security Feature? ✔ What […]

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Oracle EBS(R12) on OCI for Apps DBAs & Architects Training: Step By Step Activity Guides/Hands-On Lab Exercise

Visit: & learn Stepwise How you can start your EBS (R12) On OCI Journey & Get: ✔ The answer to What skills you must require being an AppsDBa or cloud DBA ✔ 7 Activity Guide to learn Step-by-Step ✔ FREE guide You Must Read being an Oracle AppsDBA to mage and migrate EBS R12 […]

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[BLOG] E-Business Suite (EBS) on OCI | Block Volume Cloning | Automated Way

Cloning is the process of creating a copy of an existing Oracle E-Business Suite system and is one of the most common tasks that an Apps DBA does. Want to know more about the same? Visit: & learn about: ✔Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) ✔High Level Overview of Automated Cloning […]

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