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Oracle launches Beehive – Collaboration Service

In May 2008, Oracle launched Oracle Beehive to selected customers (It was announced to everyone in Oracle Open World). Oracle Beehive is an Integrated Collaboration Suite with eMail, Messaging, Calendar, Conference and other collaborative Services .   I know you are going to say that Oracle already had solution in this domain (Collaboration) –  I agree, last year I worked on Oracle […]

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OCS Mail Server Architecture

Mail Server is component of Oracle Collaboration Suite which is from Oracle Fusion Middleware Family. There are two main components in Oracle Collaboration Suite Mail Server i) Application Tier which consists of Oracle Mail Web Component and Oracle Mail Protocol Server ii) Infrastructure Tier consist of Mail Store (Repository for Mail Messages) and OID (Identity […]

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Synchronize Oracle Calendar directly from Mobile Part II

This is second and last part of configuring Oracle Calendar (Part of Oracle Collaboration Suite) so that your meetings, schedule, room bookings can be updated/synched directly from your mobile handset. For Part I Installing Calendar and Web Server, Click here In order to synchronize calendar directly from any mobile handset, corresponding handset profile should be […]

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Synchronize Oracle Calendar Directly from Mobile Handset

Below post covers Synchronization of Oracle Calendar directly from your WAP enabled mobile handset like Nokia, Sony Ericson… This is covered in two parts , Part I covers isntallation of calendar and standalone Web (HTTP) Server and in next part II, I’ll cover synchronization steps with Mobile Handset and important files. Traditional way of synchronizing […]

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Oracle Calendar Server Overview

Oracle Calendar is Calendaring software from Oracle which is one of the component from Oracle Collaboration Suite which is product of Oracle Fusion Middleware Family. Few features of Oracle Calendar software are –Multiple Time Zone support–International deployment–email and wireless alerts–ACE Authentication Compression and Encryption framework–Easy configuration with mobile phones & easy sync Installation Type for […]

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Oracle Collboration Suite

With today’s post I’ll cover another Fusion Middleware product which I am using for quite some time now i.e. Oracle Collaboration Suite . Major components in Oracle Collaboration Suite are -Real Time Collaboration -Content Server -Mail Server -Calendar -Meetings –VoiceMail -Fax -Threaded discussion –Workspaces Few reason why an Enterprise should prefer Oracle Collaboration Suite against […]

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