Oracle launches Beehive – Collaboration Service

In May 2008, Oracle launched Oracle Beehive to selected customers (It was announced to everyone in Oracle Open World). Oracle Beehive is an Integrated Collaboration Suite with eMail, Messaging, Calendar, Conference and other collaborative Services .

  I know you are going to say that Oracle already had solution in this domain (Collaboration) –  I agree, last year I worked on Oracle Calendar System Integration with Mobile devices  and Oracle Collaboration Suite . Oracle Beehive is Oracle’s another attempt in Collaboration Market.

Good things in Beehive: BPEL Workflows, Support for Outlook Express, Integration with Zimbra

Download Oracle Beehive Software : Use to download software


Check Oracle Beehive Documentation Here

More on Oracle Beehive coming soon ……

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The Collaboration 2.0 Wars says October 1, 2008

is beehive a downloadable software?? how can it claim to be web 2.0 then?

although everybody is paying attention to biggies launching new collaboration products (oracle, cisco, google, microsoft), there are small players like HyperOffice which have been providing similar functionality for years now.

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