Oracle Collboration Suite

With today’s post I’ll cover another Fusion Middleware product which I am using for quite some time now i.e. Oracle Collaboration Suite .

Major components in Oracle Collaboration Suite are
-Real Time Collaboration
-Content Server
-Mail Server
-Threaded discussion

Few reason why an Enterprise should prefer Oracle Collaboration Suite against other Collaboration Tool in market:

1. Easy to Use Content Management tool with Version Control & fine grained access policy at various levels for regulatory Compliance
2. Secure way of communicating instantly with individuals or groups in and across enterprise using text, voice or conferencing features of OCS for problem solving, mitigate risk and deliver crisp and instantaneous communication to users across globe
3. Single Integrated view of oracle mail, meeting invitation, voicemail, fax and threaded discussion from single integrated box
4. OCS establishes process controls across all content with a centralized repository to cost-effectively audit, retain, archive, and manage content for compliance

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Anonymous says March 22, 2007

hi atul,
nice to see someone had com up with OCS.currently i have installed OCS in a single box installation for testing on redhat linux and it is running fine inside the LAN but no able to access thr Internet.i tried placing ocs in DMZ zone,Virtual server but the problem is still there.Can Webcache solve this issues .
thx in advance
Rashid ,Melbourne

Atul Kumar says March 23, 2007

Webcache comes by default with OCS . Check you see request hitting in access_log in webcache/logs also do you see any error message in OC4J related to RTC . Do you see any error message in Apache error_log

B.Krishnamohan says April 17, 2008


I have a doubt in OCS-Contentservices. As per OTN we can customise the roles. Where to customise these roles ? and how ?


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Rogério Falcone says June 7, 2012


I need help or orientation … can you help me? I have an Oracle Collaboration Suite installation on a single server. Now I have to separate the app to a new server application. You can send me a link to the procedure or a file that guides me?

Thank you


    Atul Kumar says June 8, 2012

    @ Rogério Falcone,
    What version of collaboration suite you are using ?

rogerfalcon says June 8, 2012

This version is 10.1.2 for Solaris SPARC,
You have the procedure to make a clone of the ocs version 10.1.2? I have to make a clone to a new server, you know how can I do?


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