Oracle Calendar Server Overview

Oracle Calendar is Calendaring software from Oracle which is one of the component from Oracle Collaboration Suite which is product of Oracle Fusion Middleware Family.

Few features of Oracle Calendar software are
Multiple Time Zone support
International deployment
email and wireless alerts
ACE Authentication Compression and Encryption framework
Easy configuration with mobile phones & easy sync

Installation Type for Oracle Calendar : Oracle Calendar software can be installed as part of Oracle Collaboration Suite Installation or as Standalone Calendar Server from Collaboration CD’s.

Calendar Architecture:
Various processes/components in Oracle Calendar software are

UNIENGD: Calendar Engine Daemon- uniengd listener is listening for client request and for each client it either forks uniengd session process or creates uniengd session thread. All subsequent connections from that client are processed by this dedicated uniengd process (on Persistent TCP/IP) . For web client’s, Web Server keeps a pool of persistent connections on startup.

UNILCKD: Calendar Lock Manager Daemon – This process grants read/write access on local node to client’s UNIENGD process.

UNISNCD: Calendar Synchronous Network Connection Daemon- To read from remote node uniengd process dedicated to that client requests UNISNCD process for connection to remote node. (Note that this is just of read from remote node & not for write)

UNICWSD: Calendar Corporate Wide Services Daemon- manages request queue of each node on local host. Request can be like alerts, email notification or replication of data across various node (In Multi Node Calendar Installation)

UNIDASD: Calendar Directory Access Server Daemon- Used for LDAP directory server requests (Like OID and if you have installed Standalone Calendar any third party LDAP server your selected during installation)

UNICSMD: Oracle Calendar Server Manager Daemon- Used for remote administration of calendar server in multi node calendar Installation.

(More on Calendar Nodes coming soon)

More on Oracle Calendar Application System and few of its components like
-Calendar Web Client
-Mobile data sync
-Calendar Web Services


To access calendar over web or how to synchronize oracle calendar directly with your mobile phone or PDA coming soon …….

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