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I was thinking of this for quite some time & I have finally decided to work as an Independent Oracle consultant. I am Oracle Applications DBA (E-Business Suite/ Financials/ HRMS, Fusion Middleware /Application Server /Collaboration Suite /Application Express) certified on Oracle Applications and have been awarded with prestigious Oracle ACE designation. A former Oracle Employee, I have proven track record in big implementations with Advanced configuration including HA Clusters & DR, Installation, Upgrades, Migration & Support.

I accept work related to Oracle Applications varying from 1 day to few months (daily/hourly rate) or entire project (Mail/Phone Me for Quotations) . For more information contact me via Mail or Phone at +44 (0) 7701 030035

Broad Category of Work related to Oracle Apps DBA
— New Implementations / Installations
— Migrations & Upgrades
— Onsite / Remote Applications Support
including patching, cloning, maintenance
— Heath Checks/Performance Tuning
— Oracle Trainings
on Database, E-Business Suite, Fusion Middleware, Application Server, Collaboration Suite

This is an overview of some of my skills & work which I have done recently.

Oracle Applications/E-Business Suite (Financials / HRMS – AP, AR, GL, FA, INV, Grants, CRM, Web ADI, iProcurement, iRecruitment, Workflow, XML, Student System )

– Upgrade Oracle Apps 11.5.9 to and database upgrade to 10g R2
– Implementing & configuring self service middle tier with SSL in DMZ setup , Multiple domain URL’s for Internal & External Apps Users
– Installing Oracle Applications Instance 11.5.7-10 & R12 version
– Installing & configuring Discoverer 10g with Apps 11i
– Configuring middle tier cluster with shared APPL_TOP for High Availability
– Configuring RAC database with Apps with Parallel Concurrent Processing
– Implementing Disaster Recovery solution for apps using Data-Guard & Maximum Availability Architecture
Patching , Cloning, Performance Tuning various Apps components including database
– Backup & Recovery using RMAN
– Monitoring Oracle Applications database including Forms, Web, Reports, CM, Jserv via OEM-OAM plug-in with email & mobile alerts
– Configuring 10g Application Server with Apps 11i
– Configuring & Supporting Apps with two Node RAC and multiple middle tier for High Availability

Oracle Application Server 9i/10g or Fusion Middleware (HTTP Server, OC4J, Portal, Webcache, OID, SSO, AS Guard)

– Install Fusion Middleware products (AS, BPA, BI, SOA, IM) with Single Node / Multi Node
– Seamless Disaster Recovery solution for 10g Application Server including Middle Tier using AS Guard (Application Server Guard) & Data Guard
– Upgrading Portal for 9.0.4 to 10.1.4 on multi-node installation
– Migrating Portal from Solaris to Linux with integration of Portal OID with Microsoft Active Directory
– Configuring Virtual Host & SSL implementation on Single Sign-On Server including Server Hardening for Security
– Configuring Multiple Node Middle Tier cluster for High Availability with Virtual Host Implementation
– Configuring Webcache clusters & tuning webcache for better response
– Implementing Fusion Middleware in High Availability Model with two Node RAC database, two Node OID cluster & multiple middle tier cluster
– Migrating OID users & groups across various OID Instances
– Monitoring & system usages of Portal web site using freeware web access monitoring tool like AWSTAT
– Patching & cloning of Fusion Middleware products

Oracle Collaboration Suite (Real Time Collaboration, Content, Workspace)

– Installation of Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g with Multi Node architecture
– Upgrading OCS to & databases to 10g R2
– Implementing SSL for Single Sign-On Server for secure authentication
– Oracle Drive & MS Web folder configuration
– Integrating collaboration Suite OID for automatic user & group synchronization with Portal OID
– Backup & Recovery implementation using RMAN tools
– Disaster Recovery implementation with Failover & Switchover configuration during planned & un-planned outages

Applications Express / HTMLDB

Contact me via Mail or call me at +44 (0) 7701 030035

For any Issues/Doubts in Apps use Forum at

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Anil Passi says February 26, 2007

Hey Atul

All the best with your new venture.

Despite freelancing, I hope that you will keep updating this wonderful blog.

Anil Passi

Atul Kumar says February 26, 2007

Thanks Anil, Yes definately I’ll be updating this blog regularly

fhasweh says February 27, 2007

good luck, i hope that i will be freelancer soon, plz incase you needed any help in any future implementaiton let me know.

fadi hasweh

Atul Kumar says February 27, 2007

Thanks Fadi,
I’ll definately contact you as & when required on implementation work in future

Anonymous says March 1, 2007

Hi Buddy,

Wish you all the best and success in your new role as a freelancer


Atul Kumar says March 1, 2007

Thanks Sam, Your Blog is quite impressive .

Anonymous says March 1, 2007

Hi atul

Best of luck

Harkirat Singh

Atul Kumar says March 1, 2007

Thanks Buddy

Anonymous says March 2, 2007

Hi Atul,

All the Best and Good Luck,


shantha says March 13, 2007

Hi Atul,
All the Best and Good Luck, now ware r u uk or india.


Atul Kumar says March 13, 2007

Thanks a lot to you all, I’ll be operating from UK

Farhan says May 20, 2007

Hi Atul,

All the Best.

And thanks a lot for updating this blog which is very much informative for a newbie like me.

Farhan Shaikh

Farhan says May 20, 2007

Hi Atul,

All the best and Good Luck for your new role as a freelancer.

This blog has helped me a lot in gathering information related to Oracle Apps which was very helpful for a newbie like me.

Thanks a lot Atul for updating this blog with such nice informations.


Farhan Shaikh

Atul Kumar says May 20, 2007

Thanks a lot for your wishes..

mlgblog says July 3, 2007

Hi Atul,

Being an Oracle apps consultant, I decided to start a blog for Oracle apps interview questions, curriculum, FAQs etc. Atlast I have started that too.

I need your comments to improve my blog. I think, you are the best judge.


anuj says July 9, 2007


how much time does it takes to implement RAC

anuj says July 9, 2007

how much time does it takes to implement RAC

Atul Kumar says July 9, 2007

Hi Anuj,
It depends on individuals and his/her exposure to RAC but I think 5 days should be good enough time.


Erptree Oracle says July 24, 2018

Nice blog Content. It is very informative and helpful. Please share more content. Thanks.

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