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OPA / OPM (Haleys Office Rules) version 10 now available

OPA – Oracle Policy Automation (server side) OPM – Oracle Policy Modelling (client side) Oracle Policy Automation (earlier Haley Office Rules) version 10 is now available to download from For new features in version 10 follow release notes (included with software).  . OPA Component Oracle Policy Automation Suite consists of three main components . […]

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Oracle Policy Automation / Modeling (earlier Haley Office Rules / Determination)

Oracle Policy Automation is product from Haley  (earlier Ruleburst) which empowers business users to translate legislation and policy into automated business rules using natural language. Oracle acquired Haley in Oct. 2008 and released it with new name Policy Automation and Modelling (but with same functionality) This post covers brief overview of Oracle Policy Automation & Oracle Policy Modelling […]

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