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[Recap] Day 11: Design a Compute Solution [Azure Solutions Architect]

Networking is essential in the cloud, So Planning and designing networks need to be taken care of.While planning for networking, there are many things you need to check, and Future reservations always need to be taken care of as your organization needs can increase. Things to check when planning for Azure Virtual Networks: Address space: […]

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Azure Migrate And Cloud Migration Strategy

Migration to the Cloud is today’s most popular trend in the IT industry, mostly due to rapid digital transformation. The trend is finding its scope all across irrespective of the size of an organization. But the real question that continues to haunt many is, ‘which is the best cloud option?’ as we have many cloud […]

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Azure Migrate Step-By-Step Server Setup

Migrating to Microsoft’s Azure is the most sought option for many firms facing challenges with the on-premises infrastructure.Azure Migrate is a service provided by Microsoft, which can help your enterprise determine how on-premises workloads will perform on the azure cloud service and test its suitability. Not just that, you will also get an estimate of […]

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