Azure Migrate Step-By-Step Server Setup

Migrating to Microsoft’s Azure is the most sought option for many firms facing challenges with the on-premises infrastructure:desktop_computer:.Azure Migrate is a service provided by Microsoft, which can help your enterprise determine how on-premises workloads will perform on the azure cloud service and test its suitability.

Not just that, you will also get an estimate of the cost which your enterprise has to bear for running on-premises machines on Azure.Reasons why you should migrate!!:thinking_face:

:star:Using cloud services means getting rid of a certain part of your own infrastructure i.e converting CAPEX (Capital Expense) to OPEX (Operation Expense)
:star:Reduces the cost of On-Prem administration and maintenance
:star:Helps you cope up with peak loads in rush hours.Workloads that can be Migrated

:arrow_right:Virtual desktops
:arrow_right:Web applications

In blog post, we’ll discuss how to set up your Azure migrate server step-by-step.

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