Blue-Green Deployment in Azure

When you are deploying a new change into production, the associated deployment should be in a predictable manner. In simple terms, this means no disruption and zero downtime!

The safe strategy can be achieved by working with two identical infrastructures – the “green” environment hosting the current production and the “blue” environment with the new changes.

Blue-green deployment reduces downtime and risk by running two identical production environments called Blue and Green.

Why Go with Blue-Green Deployment Using Azure App Service Deployment Slots

:heavy_check_mark: Slots are free! No extra hidden fees.

:heavy_check_mark: You can test the feature on the staging slot before it swap!

:heavy_check_mark: After swap operation, if the changes aren’t as you expect, you can perform rollback which is swapping back without any downtime.

:heavy_check_mark: Slot Deployment feature is zero-downtime deployments.Read:books: more about Blue-Green deployment in my blog at which covers the following::mag_right:

What is Blue-Green Deployment?
:mag_right: Different ways to Implement Blue-Green Deployment in Azure
:mag_right: Step by Step lab to complete the Blue-Green Slot Deployment in Azure
:mag_right: Advantages of BG Deployment
:mag_right: Limitations of BG Deployment

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