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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam: Everything You Must Know

Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals tests the candidate one on foundational level knowledge of Cloud concepts & Azure services. The exam is very beneficial for anyone who’d like to start his/her Azure Cloud journey. Want to know about [AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam, its eligibility, benefits & the topics you should learn? If YES, […]

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Azure Core Identity Services

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Core Identity Services: Azure AD & MFA

Identity management is the process of controlling, authenticating, and authorizing security principals i.e services, applications, users, groups, etc. -How does Azure manage identity management for apps with millions of identities? -How does Azure provide remote access and SSO to Azure services & apps? -How does Multi-Factor Authentication work? Find out the answers to all these […]

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Microsoft Azure Secure

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Secure Network Connectivity: Firewall, DDOS, & NSG

The protection of the cloud is Microsoft’s responsibility, and the protection in the cloud is your responsibility! Do you want to know how to use some of the tools that can immensely reduce the security risks to your cloud deployments? If Yes, Then find out the services that can help to keep your cloud network […]

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Azure Management Tools

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Management Tools: Powershell, Cloud Shell & Advisor

Built-in Azure management and governance tools help your system administrators and developers to keep your resources secure and compliant, both on-premises and in the cloud. -How does Azure Portal offer high availability? -What is the browser-based command-line experience offered by Azure? -How does Azure Cloud Advisor provide guidance? Find out the answers to all these […]

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Microsoft Azure Solutions

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Solutions: IoT, Big Data Analysis, ML & Serverless

Microsoft Azure offers various services in the area of the booming technologies such as IoT, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning & Serverless. -What is Azure Azure Databricks? -Which Azure services are available for serverless solutions? -What is the difference between IoT Hub and IoT Central? Find out the answers to all these questions about Mircosoft […]

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Microsoft Azure Core Services

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Core Services: Compute, Network, Storage & Database

The internet traffic first hits the Compute then through Network goes to Storage service. •What is Cosmos DB? •Which Azure service stores massive object data? •What are the network connectivity services in Azure? Find out the answers to all these questions about Mircosoft Azure Core Services: Compute, Network, Storage & Database at K21Academy’s blog post […]

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Azure Resource Group

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure: Resource Group, Resource Manager & ARM Template

All the entities and services managed by Azure are called Resources. •How is infrastructure as code for Azure solutions implemented? •How to create a resource group? •What is an ARM? Find out the answers to all these questions about Mircosoft Azure Resource Group, ARM & ARM Template at K21Academy’s blog post at which cover: […]

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Azure Architecture

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Architecture: Region, Availability Zone & Geography

The region, Geography, Availability Zone, Regional Pairs, Availablity Set, Fault Domain, and Update Domain, all are a part of Azure Architecture. Learn about each of these Azure Architecture components at K21Academy’s blog post at which covers: •What Is Region & Regional Set? •What Is Availability Zone & Availability Set? •What Is Geography? •What Is […]

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Cloud Service Model

[Video] Cloud Service Model: SaaS | PaaS | IaaS

There are three Cloud Service Models: IaaS, PaaS & SaaS •Which model is the most flexible model? •Which model provides an environment for building & testing? Get answers to all above questions about Mircosoft Azure Service Models at K21Academy’s blog post at which covers: •What Is IaaS, PaaS & SaaS? •What Are The Characteristics […]

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Cloud Deployment Models

Cloud Deployment Models: Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

There are 3 Cloud Deployment Models available: Public, Private & Hybrid. •Which Cloud offers a pay-as-you-go model? •Model is better in the long run? Get all the above-mentioned questions answered in K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: •What Is Public Cloud? •What Is Private Cloud? •What Is Hybrid Cloud? •Sample Questions & Answers with […]

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