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SQL to monitor (check status) of Workflow Notification Mailer (Java)


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How to update Workflow Administrator Role in Oracle Applications 11i/R12

If you want to see workflow details (owned by other users) or status diagram in Oracle Applications 11i/R12 then you should belong to one of responsibilities/user listed under WF_ADMIN_ROLE. By default (in 11i & R12) this role is set to user sysadmin (In old versions 11.5.8 or prior, it used to set to *) If […]

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Workflow Notification Mailer Configuration using Autoconfig for Outbound Processing

I remember, 30th July 2006 is the first day Atul started blogging with his first post   In past 2 years, there is tremondous reponse from viewers from all over the world. I would like to congratulate and wish him all the best on this great occasion.  Today I want to post the Workflow […]

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Collection of Workflow Administration Scripts and/or Concurrent Program

Workflow Scripts: Source Oracle Documentations The below are the collection of Workflow Administration Scripts and/or Concurrent Program. 1. FNDWFPR For Oracle Workflow embedded in Oracle Applications, use the standard concurrent program FNDWFPR ”Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data” to purge old data from the Oracle Workflow runtime tables regularly. Navigate to the Submit Requests form in […]

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Workflow Notification Mailer Setup in Oracle Apps R12/12i

On popular demand from readers, I am going to cover Workflow Notification Mailer in Oracle Applications R12/12i. Workflow notification mailer setup in R12 is similar to 11i ( In both release 11i (OWF.H and higher in 11i) & R12 are Java Mailer) * Previous version of Notification Mailer in 11i was based on C also […]

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Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer

On popular request from my readers, I need to take a break from Oracle Identity Management Updates and need to Update on Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer. Oracle Workflow in itself is a Product which is tough to cover in this blog but I am going to cover few important & frequently used components from Oracle […]

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