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[VLOG] Oracle Fusion Middleware High Availability: Enterprise Deployment Overview [Part III]

If you are working in an organization as an FMW Administrator then you should know about Enterprise Deployment Architecture as it considers various business service level agreements (SLA) to make high-availability best practices and security technologies for Oracle Fusion Middleware. Visit: to learn more about Enterprise Deployment Architecture.

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[BLOG] Oracle Fusion Middleware: 3 Tier Architecture Overview

Do you want to know about Oracle Fusion Middleware Architecture? [BLOG] Oracle Fusion Middleware: 3 Tier Architecture Overview [Part II] Visit: & learn about the 3 tiers of FMW.

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[VLOG] Oracle Fusion Middleware: Overview & System VS Java Components

Are you a beginner who has just started to learn Oracle Fusion Middleware? [VLOG] Oracle Fusion Middleware: Overview & System VS Java Components Visit: to learn about What is Oracle Fusion Middleware & one of the most common concepts i.e. Java & System Components.

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Configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 12c ( on port 80 / 443

On a UNIX system, TCP ports in a reserved range (typically less than 1024) can only be bound by processes with root privilege. Oracle HTTP Server always runs as a non-root user; that is, the user who installed Oracle Fusion Middleware.  On UNIX, special configuration is required to allow Oracle HTTP Server to bind to […]

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Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) 12c : Basics & Overview

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series OTD - Traffic Director

Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) is software load balancer from Oracle that receive requests from client and forward it to back-end application like WebLogic , WebCenter, Portal etc. In this first post on OTD, I’ll be covering basic concepts related to OTD (More on installation & configuration of OTD later in future posts) 1. Oracle Traffic […]

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Critical Patch Updates (CPU) for Oct 2016 are now available : E-Business Suite, FMW, SOA, Identity Management etc

Critical Patch Updates (CPU) are security fixes that Oracle releases quarterly basis (Jan, April, July, and Oct). 1. Oracle released Oct 2016 patches on 18th Oct 2016 2. These CPUs cover Oracle Databases, Fusion Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Siebel CRM., Oracle Peoplesoft, Oracle JD-Edwards, Linux etc . 3. For list of […]

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Applying Patches in Oracle Fusion Middleware ? Welcome to Zero DownTime (ZDT) Patch

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Oracle Fusion Middleware Training

In my Oracle Fusion Middleware Training for Apps DBAs, DBAs, and Middleware Admin, I was discussing about Patching as part of Module 10, where we cover various patching tools like opatch, bsu, psa for various products like SOA, WebLogic, OHS, WebCenter etc including Schema Patches. One of the topic came was how to apply patches without impacting […]

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Oracle Fusion Middleware : WebLogic is Key, Learn Domain, Install/Configure, Start/Stop : Part II

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Oracle Fusion Middleware Training

This is part II of my journey on learning Oracle Fusion Middleware with me (Atul Kumar). In part I here I covered why I started learning Oracle Fusion Middleware almost 10 Years ago, How it transformed my career and I now charge premium rate for my consulting Services and mentioned that If I can do it […]

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Oracle Fusion Middleware : Concepts & Architecture

If I can do it, you can too…and I truly believe this.      In this post I am going to cover what is Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW), Why I learnt it and What & How you should learn it too.     Before I tell more about FMW, for those who don’t know me, 16 Years ago, […]

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[Free Live Webinar] Learn Oracle Fusion Middleware (HA & Concepts) from Oracle ACE Atul Kumar

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Oracle Fusion Middleware Training

Oracle Fusion Middleware transformed my career and now you have an opportunity to change yours, I’m working on Oracle Middleware since 2003-2004 (from 3.0.9 portal to 9iAS) but learning Oracle Fusion Middleware 10g/11g components like WebLogic, OHS, SOA, OBIEE, WebCenter etc.. completely transformed my Career. With Oracle’s acquisition of BEA and incorporating WebLogic Server as […]

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