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Migrate Apps & Database to Cloud Day 5

Migrate Apps & Database to Cloud Day 5: Data Migration to AWS

✅ The database and analytics workloads may be moved to AWS fast, securely, with little to no downtime, and with no data loss using the AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), a managed migration and replication service. ✅ When SCT is chosen instead of the built-in DMS Schema Conversion feature, DMS and SCT work together […]

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Migrate Apps & Database to Cloud Day 4

Migrate Apps & Database to Cloud Day 4: AWS Database Migration

✅ AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a managed migration and replication service that assists you in migrating your database and analytics workloads to AWS quickly, securely, with minimal downtime, and with no data loss. ✅ In order to build high-performance applications at any scale, Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed, serverless, key-value NoSQL […]

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Migrate Apps & Database to Cloud Day 2: AWS Migration Strategy

✅ The lift and shift tactic is another name for this one. By employing this technique, you can transfer your applications without altering them from your current environment to the AWS Cloud. Consider moving your application stack from your local server to the AWS Cloud. ✅ The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) helps you […]

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What is AWS Fargate?

✅Fargate removes the operational overhead of scaling, patching, securing, and managing servers. ✅Monitor your applications via built-in integrations with AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights. ✅Only pay for what you use. Fargate scales the compute to closely match your specified resource requirements. ✈️ Use Cases of AWS Fargate 👉Web apps, APIs, and microservices- Build […]

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AWS MigrationHub EC2 Recommendations

✅ Amazon EC2 Instance recommendations estimates the cost of running our existing servers using AWS Migration. Before you can receive Amazon EC2 instance recommendations, you must have data about your on-premises servers in Migration Hub. ✅ You can optimize your AWS Migration Hub EC2 recommendations and associated costs by selecting additional preferences such as billing […]

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