AWS MigrationHub EC2 Recommendations

✅ Amazon EC2 Instance recommendations estimates the cost of running our existing servers using AWS Migration. Before you can receive Amazon EC2 instance recommendations, you must have data about your on-premises servers in Migration Hub.

✅ You can optimize your AWS Migration Hub EC2 recommendations and associated costs by selecting additional preferences such as billing options, region, Amazon EC2 instance type exclusions, and CPU/RAM.

✈️ Understanding your AWS Migration Hub EC2 recommendations

✒️ Server identification: This data identifies each server. The rows of the CSV file each contain information about a single server, which can be identified by a ServerID, HostName, and/or ExternalId.

✒️ Requested recommendations: These are the results that you generated based on your CPU/RAM sizing preferences.

✒️ User preferences: These are the preferences stated by the user when requesting recommendations. It is possible to monitor and evaluate the results of producing various recommendations for the same set of servers using this data.

✒️ Server configuration: These details about on-premises servers were used to generate your recommendations.

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