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Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Adapters

➤ What is OIC? Oracle Integration Cloud refers to the cloud-based integration between various applications and services. It allows integrating multiple technologies with the oracle cloud applications, resulting in better application management and more features. ➤ What is OIC Adapters? The word Adapter generally means something that adapts or converts incompatible information into compatible information […]

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File Adapter Vs FTP Adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud

➤ Oracle provides Adapters that are developed based on JCA architecture which helps in integrating with the systems which are not exposed as services. In other words, Oracle File Adapters and FTP Adapters enable a mediator to exchange (read and write) files on local file systems and remote file systems (through the use of the […]

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Integrated SOA Gateway

Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG) In Oracle Cloud (OIC)

What is the Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG)  and what are the Major Components Features and Definitions does it bring check our blog which covers: • Advantage Of ISG • Deploy Integration Component On OIC • Major Components Features & Definitions • Integration Repository • Service Monitor • Web Service Security Be an integration expert with Oracle […]

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