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[Solved] OIM/OIG – IDCS Integration : SSL Handshake Exception: Received fatal alert: protocol_version

[Solved] OIM/OIG – IDCS Integration: SSL Handshake Exception TLS1.2: Protocol_version To synch users from On-Premise Identity Management system to Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS), IDCS connector can be used with OIM/OIG. This connection for security reasons must be configured to using TLS 1.2 If you integrate OIM/OIG with IDCS and get Error like *” Received […]

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OIM/OIG – IDCS Integration : [Solved] : PKIX Path Building Failed

[Troubleshooting]: OIM/OIG – IDCS Connector Issue : SSL Handshake & How To Fix Oracle IDCS Connnector is used to provision & reconcile users between OIM/OIG and IDCS. IDCS always listen on SSL (HTTPS) and you must import IDCS Certificates into OIM and If You don’t you’ll see SSL handshake Error while running schedule job IDCS […]

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OIM/OIG – IDCS Connector Integration : [Troubleshooting] InvalidCredentialException: HTTP 401 Error : User not authorized to execute service

[Solved] OIM/OIG-IDCS Integration Issue because of wrong IDCS Service End Point Error: IAM-1020021 Unable to execute job : IDCS Group Lookup Reconciliation org.identityconnectors.framework.common.exceptions.InvalidCredentialException: HTTP 401 Error : User not authorized to execute service. If you are integrating OIM/OIG to IDCS using IDCS connector then make sure you read this post as there is documentation gap/ Error on […]

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[Blog] High-level Steps to Protect an On-premises Application with IDCS by Using WebGate

WebGate can now interact with Oracle Identity Cloud Service: Protect the on-premises web application by using cloud service to authenticate users to access the web application. Visit: to know about How to Protect an On-Premise Application with IDCS by Using Webgate. This Include: ✔ Why IDCS to protect an On-Premise Applications ✔ How does […]

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[FREE Live Masterclass] Cloud Security Using Oracle IDCS: Career Path & What to Learn

[FREE Live Masterclass] Oracle Identity Cloud Service allow both on premise and cloud resources to be secured from a single set of controls… Sounds Interesting? So Get Ready and Plan your journey towards Oracle Identity Cloud Services and become an IDCS Expert.? Visit: & Engage yourself in our Free Masterclass on Cloud Security Using […]

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