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Configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) 12c ( on port 80 / 443

On a UNIX system, TCP ports in a reserved range (typically less than 1024) can only be bound by processes with root privilege. Oracle HTTP Server always runs as a non-root user; that is, the user who installed Oracle Fusion Middleware.  On UNIX, special configuration is required to allow Oracle HTTP Server to bind to […]

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Deploying OHS on NFS ? Think again : Locking/Performance Issue

This post is related to Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) performance issue from our Oracle Fusion Middleware Training (next batch starts on 30th Aug, 2015) where we cover OHS on Day2 (Installation, Configuration, High Availability, Troubleshooting, integrating OHS with WebLogic as proxy etc) . One of the trainee from our previous batch asked about the common issues that Oracle […]

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Configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) on port 80 / 443

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) is a Web Server from Oracle built on top of Apache with additional modules like mod_osso, mod_ossl etc . OHS by default listen on port 7777 or 8888 (non SSL/HTTP) and 4443 (SSL/HTTPS).  This post covers steps to re-configure OHS to listen on port 80 (HTTP)/443 (HTTPS)   Key things good […]

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