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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Cloud Computing – CapEx vs OpEx Model

There are two ways of investing in Cloud resources: 1. Capital Expenditure(CapEx) 2. Operational Expenditure(OpEx) • Is Azure Reserved VM an example of the CapEx model? • What are the pros and cons of each of these models? Get answers to all these questions about Mircosoft Azure CapEx & OpEx pricing models on K21Academy’s blog […]

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Load Balancer in OCI

All About SSL/TLS on Load Balancer in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

A Load Balancer (LB) provides automated traffic distribution from one entry point to multiple servers in VCN. What is SSL/TLS on Load Balancer? If you want to know in more details then, Check out K21Academy’s blog post at which covers: • Overview On SSL On LB • Configuring SSL Termination At LB • Configuring […]

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Oracle E-Business Suite 19c Database

19c Database In Oracle EBS R12: Everything You Must Know

Oracle has recently announced the release of Oracle E-Business Suite 19c Database. With the Database 19c certification, EBS 12.2 on-premises databases are now certified with the CDB architecture (multitenant architecture). Check out K21 Academy post at which covers: • Overview Oracle Database 19c • What’s New for EBS with Oracle Database 19c • R12.x […]

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Microsoft Azure

How to Register For [AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam

AZ-900 Certification Exam is the first step to learn and demonstrate foundational-level knowledge of Cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure. Check out K21 Academy’s blog post at that covers: ▪ What Is AZ-900 Certification? ▪ Azure Certification Path ▪ AZ-900 Exam Registration Steps Begin your journey towards Azure, Getting […]

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Microsoft Azure DevOps

[AZ-400] Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification Exam: Everything You Need To Know

The AZ-400 Certification Exam is geared towards professionals who can design a DevOps strategy & implement DevOps development processes; dependency management; application infrastructure; and continuous integration, delivery, and feedback. Check out K21Academy’s blog post at which covers: ▪ Who This AZ-400 Certification Is For? ▪ Exam Details & Prerequisites ▪ Types Of Questions ▪ […]

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Azure DevOps

[AZ-400] Microsoft Azure DevOps Training: Step By Step Activity Guides/Hands-On Lab Exercise

Are you looking for information on the Hand-On Labs one should perform to become a Microsoft [AZ-400] Certified Azure DevOps Engineer? If YES, then check out K21Academy’s blog post at that talks about all such Hands-On Labs in detail. Begin your journey towards becoming a Microsoft [AZ-400] Certified Azure DevOps Engineer and earning a […]

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Azure Fundamentals

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Cloud Computing – Overview & Benefits

Cloud Computing is the on-demand availability of computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet. Are you interested in knowing more about Cloud Computing? If YES, then check out K21Academy’s blog post at that covers: • Cloud Computing Overview • Benefits of Cloud Computing • Sample Questions & […]

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Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewall (WAF) In Oracle Cloud (OCI)

Oracle Web Application Firewall (WAF) service is used to enhance and secure its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offerings. Do you really want to know how to apply WAF on Application using OCI? If yes, then check out K21academy’s blog post at which covers: • Overview On WAF In OCI • How Does WAF Work • […]

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Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration: ICS to OIC Migration

How to Migrate from an ICS (Integration Cloud Service) instance on OCI Classic to an OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud) instance on OCI? Check out K21Academy’s blog post at to find the answer to the above-mentioned question and also understand: • Difference Between ICS & OIC Or OCI Vs. OCI-C • How To Use Clone […]

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Oracle Integration Instance

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Instance Edition, Message Pricing & License Types

Oracle provides two types of Editions while creating Instances. We can differentiate between the two on the basis of the package they offer (Standard/Enterprise). Do you want to know about these packages in detail? Check out K21Academy’s blog at that covers: • Integration Editions • Integration License Type • Integration Message Packs • How […]

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