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[BLOG] Configuring Security in Weblogic Domain

Are you facing trouble while Configuring Security in Weblogic Domain? If yes, then visit: and learn: ✔What tasks to perform to optimize the domain’s security ✔How To Obtain & Store Private Keys, Digital Certificates, and Trusted Certificate Authority Certificates ✔How to Protect User Accounts & much more…

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[BLOG] Oracle WebLogic Server Continuous Availability

Oracle has made enhancements to the Continuous Availability Offering in WebLogic in various areas! Want to know about these in detail? Visit: & learn about the enhancements in: ✔Zero Downtime Patching ✔Cross-Site Transaction Recovery ✔Coherence Federated Caching and Coherence Persistence Administration & much more…

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[BLOG] Weblogic 12c Architecture & New Features

Are you learning Weblogic and want to know what is new in this field? If yes, then visit: and learn about: ✔Weblogic Server Instances ✔Weblogic Domain Infrastructure ✔The New Features of Weblogic 12c & much more…

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[BLOG] Oracle WebLogic Administration: Machine and Node Manager

Do you want to enhance your knowledge of Weblogic Administration and want to know what are machine and node managers in Weblogic Server? Visit: to go through the blog which covers: ✔What is a Node Manager and what are its requirements ✔How to Start & Stop the Node Manager? ✔What is Machine in Weblogic […]

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[BLOG] Oracle WebLogic: Data Sources (JDBC) & JMS

A JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is a Java API which is used to connect to database through a pool of JDBC Connections. JMS Means Java Messaging Service which Accepts messages from Producer Application and delivers them to the consumer application. To know in detail about the Oracle Weblogic Data Sources, visit: where we have […]

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[VLOG] Oracle WebLogic Administration: Clusters and Dynamic Cluster

Do You Know What are Weblogic Server Cluster & How it provide increased scalability and reliability? Find All Your Answers at the Blog 👉🏽 & learn in-depth about: ✔ What is a Weblogic Cluster ✔ What are the Benefits of Clustering ✔ Oracle Weblogic Clusters and Dynamic Cluster

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[VLOG] Oracle WebLogic Administration: Admin Server and Managed Server

Learn in a bit interactive way! [Video-Blog] Oracle WebLogic Administration: Admin Server and Managed Server Visit: & know about: ✔ What is an Admin Server ✔ What is a Managed Server ✔ How Admin and Managed Server related to each other…

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[Video] Oracle WebLogic Administration: Weblogic Domain Topology

A Domain is an interrelated set of WebLogic Server resources managed as a unit and includes one or more administration servers and managed servers. Let’s Learn together 😎 BLOG [Oracle WebLogic Administration: Weblogic Domain Topology] Click on the link below 👇🏻👇🏻 & Learn more on Weblogic Domain. Comment down below and let us know […]

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Oracle Fusion Middleware : WebLogic is Key, Learn Domain, Install/Configure, Start/Stop : Part II

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Oracle Fusion Middleware Training

This is part II of my journey on learning Oracle Fusion Middleware with me (Atul Kumar). In part I here I covered why I started learning Oracle Fusion Middleware almost 10 Years ago, How it transformed my career and I now charge premium rate for my consulting Services and mentioned that If I can do it […]

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opatch, adpatch and now “smart update” (BSU) to apply weblogic patches

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series WebLogic Server

For Oracle Apps DBA its mandatory to know about opatch (utility to apply database patch) and adpatch (utility to apply apps patch) but if you are planning to upgrade your skills to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g then think about learning new patching tool “Smart Update” (BSU). Smart Update (BSU – BEA Smart Update) – is a utility (java […]

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