opatch, adpatch and now “smart update” (BSU) to apply weblogic patches

For Oracle Apps DBA its mandatory to know about opatch (utility to apply database patch) and adpatch (utility to apply apps patch) but if you are planning to upgrade your skills to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g then think about learning new patching tool “Smart Update” (BSU).

Smart Update (BSU – BEA Smart Update) – is a utility (java based application) to apply patches on WebLogic Server (Oracle’s J2EE server in Fusion Middleware 11g)


Key points for BSU (BEA Smart Update for WebLogic)

1. You start smart updatetool using $MW_HOME/utils/bsu/bsu.sh or bsu.cmd

2.Default patch directory is $MW_HOME/utils/bsu/cache_dir . You can change this location via Preferences ; File -> Preferences

3. You can work with BSU in online or offline mode

Online Mode : BSU connected to Oracle My Support

Offline Mode : BSU NOT connected to Oracle My Support


4. BSU (BEA Smart Update) is available for both command line and GUI mode

5. How to start Smart Update in WebLogic (Fusion Middleware 11g) ?
Smart Update utility is available at MW_HOME/utils/bsu/bsu.sh(where MW_HOME is top level directory of your Fusion Middleware installation)

For Fusion Middleware Directory structure click here

6.Top level steps for applying patch in WebLogic Server
i) Start Smart Update Tool using bsu.sh (Unix/Linux) or bsu.cmd (Windows)
ii)Login to Oracle My Support Tool (work in offline modefor Machines which can’t connect to internet)
iii) Select Patches (by selecting Get Patches tab)

iv) Validate for conflicts and resolve conflict (optional)
v) Download and apply patch . (For machines which can’t connect to internet, copy patches to cache_dir)



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neworacledba says February 26, 2010

useful post on bsu..keep doing the good job atul

sunil says May 6, 2010

I am new to weblogic portal development and I am confused about, what technology is good, easy and fast to develop portal & portlets.

As per Oracle weblogic portal it supports
1. Page flow portlets
2. Struts portlets
3. JSF portlets
4. Java portlets

Apache beehieve Page Flow was the default portlet till weblogic 10.3.1 and current version of weblogic portal says Apache beehieve is optional portlets and JSF portlets is default.

One more thing about the 10.3.2 – If i have created the empty EAR and Portal Web Project and trying to deploy on weblogic then it gives error for netuix.jar.

Can anybody help me to decide the technology for portal & portlet developmetn on 10.3.0 or 10.3.2.

One more thing I would like to know … What would be the vision of oracle for weblogic portal in terms of promoting the development technology, I mean would it be JSF or Page Flow?

Thanks in advance,
Sunil DK

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