Oracle Fusion Middleware : BEA WebLogic or Oracle Application Server

BEA I was listening to podcast Check Here from Thomas Kurian (Senior Vice President, Oracle FMW) about Oracle’s Strategy on integrating/merging BEA product with Oracle Fusion Middleware.

   Oracle acquired BEA this year and these two companies had many common products (Java Application Server, SOA Suite, Web Center Suite..). This podcast try to clear where is Oracle heading with Fusion Middleware.

Here is extract (my understanding) of this podcast and things which I found useful as an Apps DBA/ Middleware Administrator.

Transaction Processing Monitor

BEA’s Tuxedo (TPM) is going to be Oracle’s main Transaction Processing Monitor
–Extending its support to more operating systems 
–Integrate with oracle’s SOA infrastructure
–Integrate more tightly with Oracle Database (RAC)


J2EE Application Server
Like Oracle Application Server, BEA got its own J2EE Application Server (BEA Weblogic Server now called as Oracle WebLogic Server).

 Weblogic Server will becomes Oracle’s main Java Application Server (What will happen to Oracle Application Server, Is there OAS 11g (more on this coming soon) ?
Oracle’s main focus with Oracle WebLogic Server will be to certify all fusion middleware product (SOA Suite, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Identity Management) on WebLogic Server.  Most of these fusion middleware products are already certified on weblogic version 9.X  ( soon going to certify all fusion middleware products on Oracle webLogic 10.X )

Integrating features of Oracle Application Server like OC4J (EJB, ORM, Security Model) into Oracle WebLogic Server

SOA Suite

Oracle will retain its own SOA Suite but add number of features from BEA’s SOA Suite to Oracle SOA Suite.

After convergence, Oracle SOA suite is going to look like
 Converge Aqualogic Service Bus (from BEA) and Enterprise Service Bus (from Oracle) to common architecture called SCA (Services Component Architecture) and make it part of Oracle SOA Suite
— Retain Oracle BPEL PM (Business Process Execution Language Process Manager) for process orchestration.
— Retain Oracle Business Rule Engine.
— Oracle’s Event Processing combined with Weblogic Event Server (BEA) for monitoring the processes. 
— Oracle’s BAM (Business Activity Monitor) to publish analytics out of these applications.
— Retain Oracle’s WSM (Web Services Manager) to define policy on services.
— Use Aqualogic Enterprise Repository (from BEA) to govern Services. (Repository to store/publish services, manage and govern these policies for SOA governance)
— Oracle’s EM (Enterprise Manager) for monitoring & Oracle B2B (Business 2 Business) engine


Where is Technology Stack of Applications (E-Business Suite) heading …

This opens debate about Is technology Stack going to change in Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) and if Yes, How Soon ???
     We all know Oracle Applications rely heavily on middleware (specially Java Application Server – like 10.1.2 & 10.1.3 ORACLE_HOMEs in R12) 

Does it mean that We will see WebLogic Server as Application Server in future release ?

On that front I would like to focus on Thomas’s point “Gradually move from Oracle Application Server to Weblogic Application Server as main java application server in Oracle Applications but no immediate change

To hear all podcast about Fusion Middleware  Click Here

More on Oracle WebLogic Application Server & Enterprise 2.0 (webcentre suite) coming soon…

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Paul says July 19, 2008

Very good article Atul. Thanks for the update.

Ramnik Gupta says July 20, 2008

Hi Atul,

Nice information.

Weblogic is really solid application server.

In a single domain you have admin server which keep configuration of the domain. Other servers in weblogic domain are called managed servers.

You can only deploy application (web archiver(war), application archiver(ear) on managed servers.

Before weblogic server 7.1 if admin server went down then all servers in managed server went down. Since weblogic 7.1 managed servers can run in indepdence mode.

Here independce mode mean before weblogic 7.1 when any managed server goes down then it can only be started if admin server is up and running. As all managed servers takes configruation information from admin servers. If admin servers is not available you can not bring up managed servers independently.
This issue is resolved in weblogic 7.1. Even admin servers goes down managed server can run independently. Manged servers capture configuration information from admin server at the time of startup and keep this configuration information during its life only if you select the option of Runs Independently option in properties of managed servers. By default managed servers not run in indepdent mode.

Just wanted to share my experience with you and other readers of your blog.

Ramnik Gupta

Atul says July 20, 2008

Thanks for your valuable comment.

Ramnik Gupta says July 20, 2008

Hi Atul,

I missed one important very point. The heart of weblogic application lies in config.xml. This xml has all the configuration information of Domain. If you have backup of config.xml you can restore the weblogic anytime to same state in the event of crash or recovery is needed.

Ramnik Gupta

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gaz says August 12, 2009

Can Tuxedo System and Application Monitor | Oracle
(TSAM) application running and monitor for BEA Tuxedo, Version 8.0, 32-bit, Patch Level 331.

No_limits55 says October 22, 2009

Paul advised us to be ever hopeful. ,

suresh says January 22, 2010

Hi guys,

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My Question is plz reply..
As i want to do course in Weblogic and i am new to this can u guys plz suggest me where to start and institute where i can join and the tell me course in weblogic which i can do & which will help me in future & also which give a placement.

plz reply me ,i am much interested in doing this Weblogic .

Thanks withRegards

Kavanvill says November 24, 2017

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