Oracle Fusion Middleware : WebLogic is Key, Learn Domain, Install/Configure, Start/Stop : Part II

This is part II of my journey on learning Oracle Fusion Middleware with me (Atul Kumar). In part I here I covered why I started learning Oracle Fusion Middleware almost 10 Years ago, How it transformed my career and I now charge premium rate for my consulting Services and mentioned that If I can do it , you can do (Just follow things I learnt and order in which I learnt) .

I also mentioned first and most important thing I learn on anything is Concepts. In Fusion Middleware Concepts, you should understand Java & System Components , Various Homes in Middleware like WebLogic Home or Coherence Home (Quiz for you : What is Oracle Common Home in Fusion Middleware and How do you patch this ? Post your question or if you don’t know answer then ask this in our Private Facebook Group with other 2000+ Apps DBAs & DBAs )

After concepts, I mentioned to look at Architecture where I shared image of Oracle’s 3 Tier Architecture (I am going to share more about Architecture when I cover High Availability – HA & Disaster Recovery – DR )

In today’s post I am going to cover Heart of Oracle Fusion Middleware i.e. WebLogic Server . WebLogic Server is Application Server on which you deploy Java Components like SOA or OAM/OIM (remember I mentioned about Java & System components in first post ) .
You must learn Domain in WebLogic Server that includes Admin Server, Managed Server, Clusters and lot more . I covered this on this blog here, 8 Years ago and this is among top 20 posts and been visited more than 20,000 times. Go and read it here if you are new to WebLogic Server.


   I am very Hands-On person and if I am in your place I would actual Install, Configure Domain , Test Start/Stop, Deployment of Application etc in WebLogic Server .

  This is what I cover (apart from 50+ other things) in our Oracle Fusion Middleware Training workshop at our  Online Learning Portal (This is 15 Module, 60+ video Lessons, 40+ Lab exercises Hands-On Workshop, Live with me)

Note: There is hassle of finish every thing in 5-6 Days, You get lifetime membership of all Lessons & Hands-On that you can play as and when you want + dedicated machine to practice.


Thing I followed on WebLogic at start and I recommend for you (and We ask everyone in our workshop to undergo are)

  • Install Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Create WebLogic Domain
  • Start/Stop Domain (Admin & Managed Servers)
  • Look at WebLogic Console

Here WebLogic Console is a browser based tool to mange Oracle WebLogic Server .

There are few more things that you need to learn in WebLogic for Fusion Middleware like JDBC & Security (or Integration with LDAP like OID/OUD or Active Directory) but that’s for next time .   Now go and Learn about Oracle WebLogic Server from Oracle Guides

In next part We are going to look at Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) that is deployed in Web/DMZ tier .

If you have not yet registered for my FREE Webinar on Oracle Fusion Middleware Architecture, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), High Availability (HA) & Disaster Recovery (DR) then register here for FREE (This FREE is not going to stay here long so watch this while this is available)


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This post is from Atul Kumar’s (Oracle ACE & Author) Oracle Fusion Middleware Live Workshop , next batch starts from 7th May and we are almost booked, Last few seats remaining. 

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can anyone please let me know how to migrate the weblogic 11g into 12c .. step by step procedure.

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